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Jesto: Exploring the Musical Biography of an Underrated Artist
When it comes to music, many people tend to go with the popular trends of the industry. However, there are times when the best music is found in the underground scene. The Italian rapper and songwriter, Jesto, may fall into that category for some. But those who have discovered his talent can attest to the unique style and delivery that he brings to the world of music. In this blog, we will explore the musical biography of Jesto, his best songs, the music genre he represents, famous concerts, and a critic's perspective.
Jesto, or Stefano Romagnoli, was born in Rome, Italy in 1994. He began writing music at 16 and recorded his debut album, Il mio primo disco da venduto, at 18. The album was released in 2014 and showcased Jesto's raw yet refined talents. His style is a fusion of hip-hop and trap beats, with lyrics that range from introspective to sociopolitical. Some of his best songs include Il Mio Lungo Viaggio, Per Sempre, and Stato di Grazia. These tracks are a testament to his exceptional delivery and lyrical skills.
Jesto's music genre falls under Italian rap and hip-hop, which has been a growing genre in Italy for the past decade. The subculture has also been growing in other European countries, proving that Italian rap is here to stay. But Jesto stands out from the crowd with his distinct style, unique thematic choices, and his ability to tell a story through his music.
Jesto has made several impressive appearances in the Italian music scene. In 2016, he appeared at the MTV Awards, performing his hit Per Sempre. He also made a significant impact at the Hip Hop TV Awards in 2017, taking home the Best New Artist award. Fans often look forward to his concerts, where he puts on an electrifying performance that showcases his exceptional skills.
What sets Jesto apart from many other rappers and songwriters is his ability to discuss critical issues in his work. His song Stato di Grazia breaks down the complex issues of the Italian economic situation and how it affects the poorer people. Jesto's music transcends languages and cultures, making him an outstanding rapper whose work could be appreciated globally.
Jesto's musical journey thus far has been a beautiful one that shows his growth as an artist. He has demonstrated his exceptional skills as a rapper and songwriter, given outstanding performances, and brought a new style to the Italian rap scene. Those who haven't listened to Jesto's music yet should dive into his discography and discover the talent that's quickly shaping the music industry. For the music listener who loves hip-hop, trap, and a fusion of genres, Jesto is a must-listen-to artist, and he's here to stay!


1 - Buio
2 - Bestemmie
3 - Filosofia Di Vita
4 - Crescendo
5 - Papà
6 - Buongiorno Italia
7 - Puttantour
8 - Note Vocali
9 - Amore Cane
10 - A Casa Con L'influencer