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Kerri Chandler

Kerri 'Kaoz' Chandler, is an electronic music producer and DJ. He is known for his contribution to Deep House music and warm, atmospheric, soulful and jazzy sound.
The Musical World of Kerri Chandler: A Brief Look at the King of House Music
For those who are unfamiliar with the King of House Music, Kerri Chandler is a well-known and highly respected figure in the house music scene. Hailing from New Jersey, Chandler has been producing and DJing for over 30 years and has become a beacon of hope for house music fans worldwide. In this article, we will delve deeper into the life of Kerri Chandler, explore some of his best songs, and examine his contribution to the musical genre.
Kerri Chandler's passion for music began from a very young age, influenced by his DJ father. He started with the drums, then moved on to the piano, and later began experimenting with creating his own music. He drew inspiration from various musical genres, including jazz, soul, and disco. Chandler’s journey as a producer started in the late 1980s when he produced his first track, Superlover. Since then, he has gone on to produce several singles and albums and has collaborated with various artists, including Arnold Jarvis, Louise Vega, and Dennis Ferrer. His musical style is a blend of soulful, deep, and energetic sounds that resonate deeply with his fans.
Chandler's music genre is difficult to pin down since he blends various elements from different genres. However, he is generally considered a pioneer of the deep house sound. His tracks are known for their unique blend of jazz and soul, intricate rhythms, and uplifting melodies. Chandler's music is incredibly diverse, and no two songs sound alike. He has never been afraid to experiment and has a knack for reaching the deepest parts of our souls through his music.
When it comes to Chandler's best songs, it's difficult to pick just a few. However, some of his most notable works include Rain, Bar a Thym, Mommy What's a Record? and Ladbroke Grove. Each of these songs encapsulates the essence of Chandler's unique sound, infused with soulful moments, jazzy grooves, and infectious beats. His music has a way of bringing people together through the shared experience of dance and celebration.
In terms of performing, Chandler has headlined many concerts worldwide, playing to fans who come from all corners of the world to experience his brand of house music. His most famous gigs have included Night Clubbing at the Underground, Escape in Amsterdam, and Resonance at Sonar. He has garnered a cult following across the world and is a massive draw for music festivals.
Lastly, as a critic of the House music scene, it's clear that Kerri Chandler has left an indelible mark on the genre. His impact on deep house has been profound. He laid the groundwork for the genre and continues to shape it to this day. With such a diverse discography, it is difficult to see his influence ever slowing down.
Kerri Chandler has contributed a great deal to the world of house music and continues to do so. He is an inspiration to aspiring producers and DJs, consistently pushing the boundaries of the genre and weaving his unique sound into his music. His story serves as a testament to the power of passion and hard work. There's no doubt that Kerri Chandler is a true king of deep house, and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in the future.


Next Concert
2024-03-15 h: 21:30
Cyprus Avenue
Cork, Ireland
1 - Atmosphere - The Lost Dubs
2 - Think of Something
3 - Bar a Thym
4 - Rain - Original Mix
5 - Rain
6 - On My Way
7 - Where Is Love
8 - Planet Sonic
9 - Bar A Thym (Tom Middleton Cosmos Mix)
10 - Deconstructed House
11 - Something Deeper
12 - I Know
13 - rising the sun
14 - Candela
15 - Faithful
16 - Kerri Bacharach
17 - Chandler
18 - Disko Satisfaction
19 - I Never Knew Her
20 - So Let The Wind Come (remix)
21 - Atmosphere
22 - Coro (the Colonial Mentality)
23 - Ye Yo Ma (mother)
24 - Bar A Thym (original Mix)
25 - Mommy What's A Record
26 - Keep Me Inside
27 - Sunshine & Twilight
28 - Too Much
29 - Oblivion
30 - What Is 6:23
31 - Hallelujah (kaoz Club Mix)
32 - Hallelujah
33 - Harder Gets Higher
34 - Tribe Of The Night
35 - I Feel It
36 - Escravos De Jó (robust Horns)
37 - Bar A Thym (original)
38 - Return 2 Acid
39 - Fortran
40 - You're In My System - Dennis Quin Club Mix
41 - My Old Friend
42 - Pong (ben Klock Remix)
43 - Atmospheric Beats (extended Version)
44 - You're In My System - Dennis Quin Vocal Mix
45 - The Calling
46 - Dem Joy Ride
1996: Hemisphere


2024-03-15 h: 21:30
Cyprus Avenue
Cork, Ireland
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Unknown venue
Lyon, France
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2024-06-13 h: 15:00
Fira Montjuïc (sónar By Day) / Fira Gran Via (sónar By Night)
Barcelona, Spain
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