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La Roux

La Roux is an English synthpop act formed in 2006 by singer Elly Jackson and record producer Ben Langmaid. Songs and music from La Roux will transport you to a world of joy! The upbeat, energizing rhythms and stylish effects are sure to have you dancing in your living room. These tracks combine infectious pop beats with soulful vocals, perfect for any setting. Whether it's a tranquil evening spent with friends or a wild night out, La Roux has the anthem for every mood. So turn your volume up and groove away with La Roux – the only soundtrack you need!



The Rise of La Roux: A Critique and a Compliment

La Roux has shot to fame with memorable electronic pop ballads and vibrant, electric arrangements that have touched the hearts of listeners across the world. But it wasn't always such an easy journey - there were plenty of bumps in the road for this artist before they eventually found success. In this article, we analyse both a critique and a compliment about La Roux: from their iconic lyrics to their experimental soundscapes, what is it that sets La Roux apart?

La Roux's music has captured the hearts of music lovers around the world with its electronic pop ballads and vibrant, electric arrangements. But the journey to success was not an easy one for this artist. There were plenty of obstacles and hurdles that they had to overcome before they eventually found the success they deserved. In this article, we will delve deeper into La Roux's music and analyze both a critique and a compliment about her sound. From her iconic lyrics to her experimental soundscapes, La Roux is an artist that truly sets herself apart from her peers in the music industry.

La Roux's iconic lyrics are one of the first things that draw listeners in. Her lyrics are often introspective and reflect a sense of vulnerability which is a trait not commonly found in popular music. Her song Bulletproof is a brilliant example of this. It's a song that speaks to the listener, urging them to stand strong and keep going despite life's many challenges. La Roux's lyrics have been compared to poetry, and rightfully so. Her words evoke emotions that are beyond words, and that's what makes her lyrics so special.

La Roux's experimental soundscapes are another aspect of her music that sets her apart from her peers. She is not afraid to push the boundaries and explore new sounds and techniques. Her music often features intricate and complex electronic arrangements that are both captivating and memorable. La Roux's experimental approach to music has led to her creating some of the most unique sounds in pop music.

La Roux's music videos are also worth mentioning. Her videos often have a surreal feel to them that takes the viewer on an otherworldly journey. Her music videos feature striking visuals that complement her music perfectly. They are a true reflection of her artistic vision and creativity.

One aspect of La Roux's music that has drawn some criticism is her use of auto-tune. While some argue that La Roux's use of auto-tune is just a part of her unique sound, others feel that it takes away from the rawness of her vocals. Her vocals have been described as being robotic and lacking emotion. However, this is a subjective critique, and what comes across as robotic to some may be an innovative sound to others.

In conclusion, La Roux's music is truly unique and sets her apart from her peers. Her lyrics are powerful and introspective, her experimental soundscapes are captivating and memorable, and her music videos are a true reflection of her artistry. While some may criticize her use of auto-tune, it is ultimately a matter of personal taste. La Roux is an artist who is constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in music, and we can't wait to see what she does next.
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1 - In For The Kill (lets Get Ravey
2 - Bulletproof
3 - In for the Kill
4 - Uptight Downtown
5 - Let Me Down Gently
6 - Kiss and Not Tell
7 - Tropical Chancer
8 - Paradise Is You
9 - Cruel Sexuality
10 - Silent Partner
11 - Quicksand
12 - Tigerlily
13 - Colourless Colour
14 - Cover My Eyes
15 - Fascination
16 - As If By Magic
17 - Reflections Are Protection
18 - Armour Love
19 - Growing Pains
20 - Sexotheque
21 - I'm Not Your Toy
22 - In For The Kill (skream's Let's Get Ravey Remix)
23 - In For The Kill (skrillex Remix)
24 - In For The Kill (lifelike Remix)
25 - Automatic Driver - Tyler, The Creator Remix
26 - The Feeling
27 - Automatic Driver
28 - International Woman Of Leisure
29 - Bulletproof - Tiborg Remix
30 - Bulletproof (zinc Remix)
31 - Under My Thumb
32 - I'm Not Your Toy (nero Remix)
33 - Bulletproof - Zinc Remix
34 - 21st Century
35 - I'm Not Your Toy (data Remix)
36 - Gullible Fool
37 - Everything I Live For
38 - Finally My Saviour
39 - I'm Not Your Toy (jack Beats Remix)
40 - Do You Feel
41 - In For The Kill (twelves Remix)
42 - In For The Kill (radio Edit)
43 - Otherside
44 - Saviour
45 - In For The Kill (skream's Let's Get Ravey Mix)
2010: LazerProof
2009: La Roux