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NTO: A Musical Biography of One of France's Breakout Artists

The French music scene has long been known for its eclectic mix of sounds and genres, but few artists capture the essence of the nation quite like NTO. This talented musician has carved out a place for himself with his unique blend of electronic and orchestral music, earning praise from fans and critics alike. In this musical biography, we'll take a closer look at NTO's background, the albums and songs that have made him a household name, and his musical style and influences.

Beginnings and Early Career:

Hailing from the southern city of Marseille, NTO (real name Anthony Favaron) began his foray into music as a DJ and producer, spinning tracks in various clubs and venues throughout the region. It wasn't until 2014 that he began releasing his own music, with his debut EP Trauma setting the stage for what was to come. Over the next few years, NTO would release several more EPs and singles, each one showcasing his innovative approach to electronic music.

Breakthrough Albums:

It was in 2019 that NTO truly hit his stride, with the release of his debut album Invisible. This emotionally charged collection of tracks drew from his personal experiences and struggles, blending intricate orchestral arrangements with intricate synths and beats. The album quickly garnered critical acclaim and helped cement NTO's place as a rising star in the European music scene. He followed up with another standout release in 2021, Décollage. The album featured collaborations with other French artists, such as Oxia, and continued to showcase the artist's signature sound.

Famous Songs:

Among NTO's most famous tracks is La Clé, a soaring, epic piece that combines rich orchestration with pulsing electronic elements. The haunting Petit Matin is another standout, featuring soulful vocals and a driving beat that builds to a breathtaking climax. More recently, The Kid and the Planes from his latest album Décollage has been a particularly popular track among listeners.

Musical Style and Influences:

NTO's music is defined by its fusion of orchestral and electronic elements, creating a sound that is both cinematic and emotive. He cites both classical composers and electronic acts as influences, with artists such as Radiohead and Vitalic shaping his musical journey. There is a sense of melancholy that pervades much of NTO's work, with themes of loss, hope, and redemption woven throughout his tracks. His music is both accessible and deeply personal, allowing listeners to connect with it on a visceral level.

NTO is undoubtedly one of France's most exciting musical talents, with a sound that is equal parts innovative and timeless. His blend of orchestral and electronic elements creates a unique sonic landscape that draws listeners in and refuses to let go. With two albums under his belt and a rapidly growing fanbase, it's clear that NTO's star is only going to continue to rise. If you haven't yet had the pleasure of experiencing his music, now is the time to dive in and discover the magic for yourself.
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1 - Invisible - Paul Kalkbrenner Remix
2 - Trauma - Worakls Remix
3 - The Morning After
4 - Alter Ego
5 - Invisible - Piano Version
6 - Invisible
7 - Beyond Control
8 - Carrousel - Short Version
9 - Time
10 - Petit Matin
11 - Lac De Soi
12 - Loving You Like Always
13 - Croche
14 - Seasons
15 - Zig Zag
16 - The Kid And The Planes
17 - The Hound - Short Version
18 - Petite
19 - Loving You Like Always - Rodriguez Jr. Remix
20 - Loving You Like Always - Sainte Vie Remix
21 - Gamma
22 - In The Mood For Noune
23 - Apnea
24 - Chez Nous
25 - Seasons - Joachim Pastor, Joris Delacroix, Romain Garcia, Stereoclip Remix
26 - The Hound
27 - The Sand Dealer
2021: Apnea