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Laila Kinnunen


Laura Laila Annikki Kinnunen (November 8, 1939, Vantaa – October 26, 2000, Heinävesi) was a Finnish singer.
Laila Kinnunen: A Musical Icon You Need to Know
In the world of music, we often focus on the big names like Elvis Presley, The Beatles, or Michael Jackson. But what about the lesser-known artists who also left their mark on the music industry? One of these artists is Laila Kinnunen, a Finnish singer who rose to prominence in the 1960s. In this blog post, we'll dive into Laila Kinnunen's musical biography, explore her music genre and best songs, relive some of her famous concerts, and take a critical look at her impact on the industry.
Laila Kinnunen was born in Helsinki, Finland, in 1939. Her parents were both singers, and so Laila grew up surrounded by music. She started performing in talent shows and competitions from a young age and won her first music prize at the age of six. Laila's singing career took off in the 1950s when she joined a band called Dallapé. She quickly gained fame in Finland for her powerful voice and dynamic stage presence.
Laila Kinnunen's music genre was mainly focused on pop and jazz. She sang in several languages, including Finnish, Swedish, and English, and was known for her ability to bring emotion to her performances. Some of her most popular songs include Sua vain yli kaiken mä rakastan (translated as I only love you more than everything), Onnen päivät (translated as Happy days), and Satumaa (translated as Wonderland).
One of Laila Kinnunen's most famous performances was at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1961. She represented Finland with the song Valoa ikkunassa (translated as Light in the window) and finished in tenth place. However, her performance earned her international recognition, and she went on to perform at several more high-profile concerts and festivals.
Laila Kinnunen's impact on the music industry was significant. She paved the way for other Finnish female singers to gain recognition and helped popularize the pop and jazz genres in Finland. Her powerful voice, emotional performances, and ability to connect with her audience made her a beloved icon in her home country.
In conclusion, Laila Kinnunen may not be a household name around the world, but her contributions to the music industry in Finland were significant. Her music genre, pop and jazz, along with her powerful voice, dynamic stage presence, and emotional performances, made her a beloved icon in her home country. Her impact on the Finnish music industry paved the way for other female singers to gain recognition and helped popularize these music genres. While Laila Kinnunen may no longer be with us, her music lives on and continues to inspire generations of music lovers around the world.
1 - G?van
2 - Ep?vireiset syd?met
3 - Kun erottiin
4 - Valoa Ikkunassa
5 - Lazzarella
6 - Tiet
7 - Petteri Punakuono
8 - Carina
9 - Brigitte Bardot
10 - Marina
11 - Muistojen bulevardi
12 - Illalla, illalla
13 - Romantica
14 - Kaipaus
15 - Mandshurian kummut
16 - Kun
17 - Pieni Sydän
18 - Toiset Meistä
19 - Älä Kiusaa Tee - Bad To Me