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Linus' Blanket

Linus’ Blanket and Their Unforgettable Musical Journey
Music has always been a great part of our lives - it’s a universal language that speaks to people from all walks of life. There are music genres that have had significant impact throughout history and Shape up popular culture. One band that has made a name in the music industry is Linus’ Blanket. They may not be as mainstream as other musicians, but they have created a unique music style that is loved by many. In this blog, we’ll discuss the musical biography, best songs, music genre, famous concerts, and a critic about Linus’ Blanket.
Linus’ Blanket is a South Korean rock band that was formed in 2003. The band members are Yoon Sang-hyuk (vocals), Yang Chul-soon (guitar), Seo Tae-hoon (bass), and Lee Jae-ik (drums). Their name was inspired by the character from the famous comic strip, Peanuts. They made their debut in 2005 with their album, Everything Looks Perfect, and have since released a total of seven albums.
Linus’ Blanket belongs to various music genres including rock, pop, punk, and alternative. Despite the variation of their music styles, they are known for their unique sound that can be described as a sentimental and melancholic mix with lyrics that touch the heart. Their music is often compared to bands such as Coldplay and Keane.
Some of their best songs include Sunshine, Where Are You Going?, and Spring Comes. Their song Sunshine has become an anthem to many with its uplifting lyrics and melody. Where Are You Going? is a ballad that captures the feeling of loss, and Spring Comes is a heartwarming song about hope and new beginnings.
Linus’ Blanket has held numerous concerts throughout their career, both nationally and internationally. They have performed in countries such as Japan, China, and the United States. One of their most memorable concerts was in 2018, during the Seoul Jazz Festival where they amazed the crowd with their unique sound and energy.
Critics have described Linus’ Blanket’s music as soulful and genuine. They have been commended for their musical talent and ability to create a sound that is distinctly their own. They have also been praised for their lyrics that often touch the heart and communicate messages of hope, love, and loss.
In conclusion, Linus’ Blanket has proven that they are a band that should not be missed. Their unique sound, combined with their heartfelt lyrics, have gained them a loyal following of fans. Their music has provided comfort and has been an inspiration to many. If you haven’t already, give Linus’ Blanket a listen – you won’t be disappointed.


1 - Labor in Vain
2 - picnic
3 - Music Takes Us To The Universe
4 - Stop Liking, Start Loving
5 - Walk
6 - Misty
7 - Signal Waltz
8 - Rag Time
9 - Signal Song
10 - Show Me Love
11 - Christmas Train
12 - Summer Has Gone By
13 - Don't Call It Puppy Love
14 - Gargle
15 - See You My Dream
16 - Parade
17 - Love Me (feat. ???)