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Arto Lindsay

Arthur Morgan Arto Lindsay (born May 28, 1953) is an American guitarist, singer, record producer and experimental composer.
Arto Lindsay: An Innovative Musician Ahead of His Time
When it comes to innovative musicians who have shaped their genre and paved the way for future artists, Arto Lindsay's name should not be far from the discussion. His impact on avant-garde, experimental, and Brazilian music is undeniable. He's a multifaceted artist, a singer, a songwriter, a guitarist, a producer, and a great artist at visual expression. Arto Lindsay's profound and diverse creative career is an extraordinary journey, and in this blog post, we'll take a deeper look into his musical biography, his best songs, his music genre, famous concerts, and a critic of his work.
Arto Lindsay was born in Virginia in 1953 but grew up in Brazil. The country's vibrant music scene influenced his music, and he later became a pioneer of the avant-garde music scene of New York. He founded the noise band, DNA, in the late '70s, which opened up new avenues for experimental and alternative music. This band consisted of Arto on guitar and vocals, Robin Crutchfield on keyboard, and Ikue Mori on drums. Their music was a radical departure from everything that was happening at the time and had a huge impact on the budding American post-punk scene that was forming around them.
After the disbandment of DNA in 1982, Arto Lindsay began his solo career, blending Brazilian rhythms and elements of jazz, rock, and electronic music. His fourth album, Mundo Civilizado, released in 1996, remains one of his most prominent works. It features songs with lyrics in Portuguese and English, reflecting his multi-cultural upbringing.
Throughout his career, Arto Lindsay has consistently pushed boundaries through his music. Whether collaborating with musicians like Laurie Anderson or DJ Spooky, or exploring different genres, from punk rock to ambient to Brazilian music, his music is always fresh, experimental, and thought-provoking.
While it's difficult to narrow down Arto Lindsay's best songs, some stand out tracks include Simply Are, Complicity, The Prize, and Tropicalia. These songs showcase Lindsay's ability to blend various styles to create a sound uniquely his own.
Arto Lindsay is also well-known for his live performances, which often incorporate visual and dance elements to enhance the overall experience. During the '90s, he performed at major music festivals like Roskilde and Glastonbury, cementing his place in the music industry.
A general critic of his work is how he brings together different cultures with different soundtracks. He is an originator and true pathfinder, his struggle and bold exploration helped to pave a path for other artists who have experimented with Brazilian music.
Arto Lindsay has had a remarkable musical career that spans over four decades. His unique style and sound have made him an influential figure in the Brazilian and avant-garde music scenes. Lindsay's experimental approach to music has helped to influence and shape various genres, and his influence continues to be felt by musicians worldwide. His mix of Brazilian rhythms, punk rock, and electronic music remains unparalleled. From his early days with DNA to his solo career, Lindsay's music has always been innovative, explorative, and thought-provoking.


1 - Combustivel
2 - Simply Are
3 - 4 Skies
4 - Ridiculously Deep
5 - Complicity
6 - Child Prodigy
7 - Ondina
8 - Reentry
9 - Illuminated
10 - Personagem
11 - Whirlwind
12 - Noon Chill
13 - Mundo Civilizado
14 - Prefeelings
15 - Tone
16 - Mulata Fuzarqueira
17 - Q Samba
18 - Titled
19 - Tangles
20 - The Prize
21 - Invoke
22 - Seu Pai
23 - Habite Em Mim
24 - Simply Beautiful
25 - Erotic City
26 - Grain By Grain
27 - Predigo
28 - Blue Eye Shadow
29 - Horizontal
30 - Ultra Privileged
31 - Twins
32 - Beija-me
33 - Kamo (dark Stripe)
34 - Anything
35 - Gods Are Weak
36 - You Decide
37 - Into Shade
38 - Take My Place
39 - Jardim Da Alma
40 - In The City That Reads
41 - Light Moves Away
42 - Why Compare
2004: Salt
2002: Invoke
1999: Prize
1997: Noon Chill