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Metá Metá

Metá Metá is a unique artist that has been making history through their intricate and powerful musical compositions. From lush acoustic arrangements, to energetic fuzzy rockers, they have an expertly crafted sound that places them apart from their contemporaries. The collaborating members of Juçara Marçal and Thiago França (guitar, vocals and vibraphone) alter heavily between Brazilian forró, samba, reggae, jazz and rock creating dynamic loops which shapeshift their sound from track to track. Their blockbuster releases such as Red Hot Gospel – one of the highlights album 2015 just oozed atmosphere. Every single offering confirmed firmly Metá’s place as an active influence within the Latin American music sphere. Best songs like Transversal boast gorgeous vocal melodies shuffled in syncopated rhythms fused with tendrillar ambience featuring mesmerizing electric guitar instrumental parts whilst Brazilified Afrobeats sweep aside in surprising curves but never quite overload it all. Albums like Três Pilares– another record full of passionate grooves definetly makes their musical library unthinkable without.
Music with Metá Metá - A Musical Biography of the Trailblazer Artist
Metá Metá, the sensational afrobeat band from Brazil has garnered global recognition with its unique blend of jazz, psychedelic rock, and African rhythms. The band, formed in 2008, has released five albums and churned out a score of successful hits. In this article, we delve deeper into the musical biography of Metá Metá, explore their music genre, witness their best concerts, and take a critical look at their innovative sound.
Metá Metá's music is fueled by its members' passion for African music and its diaspora. The band comprises three talented musicians: Juçara Marçal (vocals), Thiago França (saxophone), and Kiko Dinucci (guitar). The trio's love for music has influenced their sound, best described as psychedelic afrobeat, a blend of traditional African music infused with rhythmic rock and jazz.
One of the standout tracks from the band's discography is Exu nas Escolas, a song that speaks up against black discrimination and hate speech in Brazilian society. The track is from their 2016 album, MM3, which also features a slew of experimental tracks embodying their unique sound.
Metá Metá has performed at several prestigious events, including the London Jazz Festival and the Broadway Music Festival. But their most iconic concert took place in 2017, where the trio played to a full house at the Barbican in London. Their performance was a masterful display of Afro-Brazilian rhythms, a mesmerizing blend of Juçara Marçal's hypnotic voice, Kiko Dinucci's masterful guitar, and Thiago França's thrilling saxophone solos.
The band's sound is a reflection of their upbringing, influenced by various styles of music from Brazil and Africa. MetaL MetaL, their debut album, was a categorical shift from the typical sound heard from Brazilian bands of that era. Listeners can hear the band's influences from legends such as Tim Maia, Fela Kuti, and John Coltrane. The album is regarded as one of the Brazilian music industry's groundbreaking albums of the decade.
Critics have lauded Metá Metá for their innovative sound, and the band's ability to push boundaries. In a 2019 review of their album MM3, Pitchfork called their sound revolutionary and praised the band for creating an event horizon that will swallow genres. The Guardian, in its review of the album, claimed that MM3 was an album that was uncompromising, uncomplicated, and unmissable.
Metá Metá's music has the power to touch listeners, transcending borders, language, and culture. Their original sound, inspired by traditional African rhythms and Brazilian music, has garnered global appreciation, and the band has become a household name in the Brazilian music scene. Through their music, they address issues such as racism and inequality, creating a dialogue on important issues with listeners worldwide. With multiple accolades to their name and a substantial fan base, we can expect nothing less than great things from the band in the years to come.


1 - Ob? In
2 - Cobra Rasteira
3 - S?o Jorge
4 - Exu
5 - Man Feriman
6 - Logun
7 - Rainha das Cabec?as
8 - Tristeza Na?o
9 - Trovoa
10 - Três Amigos
11 - Oya
12 - Imagem Do Amor
13 - Angolana
14 - Mano Légua
15 - Corpo Vão
16 - Toque Certeiro
17 - Orunmila
18 - Angouleme
19 - Ossanyn
20 - Obá Kossô
21 - Osanyin
22 - Me Perco Nesse Tempo
23 - Ora Iê Iê O
24 - Oranian
25 - Samuel
26 - Umbigada
27 - Papel Sulfite
28 - Vale Do Jucá
29 - Obá Iná
30 - Vias De Fato
31 - Obatalá
2016: Mm3