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S-tone Inc

S-Tone Inc. is multi-instrumentalist jazz musician Stefano Tirone's main musical project. Originating from Milan, Italy, Tirone has been a professional musician for over twenty years.
The Soulful Rhythms of S-Tone Inc: A Musical Journey
When an artist manages to blend exotic sounds from around the world to create a musical experience that feels both new and nostalgic, they become a force to reckon with. S-Tone Inc is such an artist, who has been creating soulful rhythms that leave you wanting for more. It's time we delve deeper into the musical biography, best songs, music genre, and famous concerts of this incredible artist.
S-Tone Inc was formed in 1992 by Italian musician Stefano Tirone, who was inspired by Jazz, funk, and Brazilian music. Growing up, he was fascinated with different types of musical genres and had a knack for blending them. His first album, Love Unlimited, was released under Irma Records in 1994 and was an instant hit with critics and fans.
One of the most striking things about S-Tone Inc's music is the mix of different influences that come together seamlessly. The music genre he's best known for is a mix of Bossa Nova, Jazz, and downtempo lounge music. In every song, you'll hear influences from around the world, including Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. This rich blend of sounds creates a unique listening experience that transports you to another world.
S-Tone Inc's discography is filled with incredible tracks, and it's hard to pick just a few. However, some of the best tracks that you must check out are Limbe from the album Sobrenatural, Vai Ser Bom from the album Moon in Libra, and Beira Do Mar from the album Onda. These tracks feature the signature mix of world music genres and showcase Tirone's talent for creating catchy melodies and groovy beats.
The band has also performed in some iconic concerts around the world. In 2014, they performed at the prestigious Blue Note Milano, a jazz club known for hosting some of the biggest names in Jazz. They've also performed at the Playboy Jazz Festival and various other festivals across Europe and Asia. The band's live performances are known for their high-energy vibe and infectious rhythms that keep the audience on their feet.
While S-Tone Inc's music has received widespread acclaim, it's not immune to criticism. Some critics have said that the music lacks focus and is overly ambitious in its attempt to blend different genres. However, most fans argue that the diversity of the sound is what makes it so captivating and that the experimental nature of the music is to be celebrated.
S-Tone Inc is a gem in the world of music and a testament to the power of blending different sounds and styles to create something unique. A synthesis of world music that is equally danceable and introspective. If you're looking for something new to listen to, give S-Tone Inc a try - you might just discover your next favorite artist.



The Musical Biography of S-Tone Inc: From Beginnings to Famous Albums and Songs

How many times have found yourself digging through playlists, trying to discover new music? I know I have a hard time pinpointing my style because I genuinely love every genre under the sun. However, I've recently discovered that I gravitate towards music that's a perfect blend of jazz and electronica. That's where I came across S-Tone Inc. His music is unparalleled. Today, we're going to dive deep into the musical biography of S-Tone Inc. We're going to explore his beginnings as an artist, his most famous albums and songs, and his influences on the music scene.

S-Tone Inc's beginnings as an artist were in the mid-90s. His real name is Stefano Tirone, and he was born and raised in Milan, Italy. From an early age, he displayed a keen interest in music, and he started playing the guitar when he was 14. He eventually moved onto more complex instruments, like the saxophone and keyboards. After graduating from Milan's Music Conservatory, he became heavily involved in the local club scene. Here, he was drawn to the newfound experimentation that was combining jazz and electronic genres.

S-Tone Inc's musical journey was never an easy one. He started making music when the internet wasn't a readily available tool. He recorded and produced his music in-home studios, and it wasn't until he found a label that he finally got the recognition he deserved. His most famous album is Moon In Libra. It's been described as a sensory journey that effortlessly blends electronic music and jazz.

S-Tone Inc's album, Love Unlimited, is another well-known classic. The album's main theme is the universal language of love, and it explores love's many complexities and obstacles. It's an album that hits you in the chest, and you'll find your heart stirring with every song. S-Tone Inc's music is a perfect reflection of who he is as a person. It's inventive, imaginative, and above all, authentic.

When it comes to S-Tone Inc's influences, he has often stated that he's mainly influenced by jazz musicians who blend electronic sounds into their music. He's a big fan of electronic and house music, and this is apparent in his music. He's also been compared to artists like Thievery Corporation and Jazzanova, who also blend electronica and jazz to create their unique sound. S-Tone Inc's music is a magical blend of jazz, electronica, and soul infused with the pulse of life.

S-Tone Inc is a musical genius whose creativity has continued to captivate music lovers worldwide. His journey through music is proof that consistency and hard work pay off. His love for both traditional and modern musical styles has helped him create a niche for himself in the industry and stand out from the crowd. With every new release, S-Tone Inc takes us on a musical journey that's not only immersive but unforgettable. To say that his music is an experience would be an understatement. With the fusion of his many influences, S-Tone Inc's music is a perfectly curated mixture of soundscapes that touches the soul. So, if you haven't heard of S-Tone Inc before, then you're in for a treat. Start exploring his music, and you will not be disappointed.
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1 - Instala?on Do Samba
2 - Saudade
3 - In the Mood for Love
4 - Ainda Sonhar
5 - Limbe
6 - Con Mi Sombra
7 - Entre O Ceus E a Terra
8 - Take 4
9 - Beira Do Mar
10 - Dreamer
11 - Emotional Dancing
12 - Venus
13 - Negro
14 - Rendez-vous À Minuit
15 - Vai Ser Bom
16 - Some Kind Of Blues
17 - Naked Ground
18 - La Boca Del Rio
19 - Verao
20 - My Only Man
21 - Get Freaky Now - Acid Jazz Mix
22 - Ponta Da Pedra
23 - Bahia Mon Amour
24 - Arejar
25 - Memphis Freeway
26 - Arejar (soulstance Remix)
27 - Hanging On The Moon
28 - A New Beginning
29 - How High Is The Moon
30 - Queen Of The Night
31 - Blue Mood
32 - In The Mood For Bossa
33 - Stormy
34 - Effetto Notte
35 - Universe Of Love
36 - I Put A Spell On You
37 - Time
38 - Dona Luna
39 - Posto 9
40 - In The Mood For Joy
41 - Better Than A Lie
42 - Get Freaky Now
43 - Lua E Xango
44 - Bacana
45 - Serengeti
2017: Onda