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Nouvelle Vague

The term 'Nouvelle Vague' draws from French New Wave cinema, inspiring its music with a unique dose of nostalgia and sentiment. This movenment brought us an incredible collection of timeless songs, artfully blending dreamy melodies with thoughtful lyrical contents aimed to stir different reflections in its audience. Nouvelle Vague translates itself into endless choreographies to the rhythm of sultry voices; swirls of catchy riffs you can’t resist to dance along. Fanatics across the world celebrate their best compositions bringing out its fascinating surprises just waiting for anyone ready to dive into their magic.


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2024-02-21 h: 19:00
Old Woolen
Leeds, UK

Navigating the Waves of Nouvelle Vague: A Deeper Dive into the Iconic Sound

Nouvelle Vague is one of the world's premier acts when it comes to creating sophisticated, lounge-style music. Their combination of bossa nova rhythms, cool French vocals and guitar melodies have earned them legions of fans across continents. Yet in a musical climate which often prizes commercial success over artistic merit, are they really more than just background noise? Today we’re taking an unfiltered look at what both critics and supporters love about Nouvelle Vague's iconic sound - from their earworms to their experimental spins on classic tunes. So if you're curious about this genre-bending act, pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine (or sparkling water) and settle into this deeper exploration into why Nouvelle Vague continues to beat out its competitors on every wave length.

Bonjour, music lovers! Today, we are diving into the sophisticated sounds of Nouvelle Vague. This French band has been creating waves in the music industry since their debut in 2004, with their unique take on classic songs. From their lounge-style music to their bossa nova rhythms, Nouvelle Vague has gained a loyal following across continents. In the midst of a world that often praises commercial success over artistic merit, Nouvelle Vague remains a beacon of smooth, sophisticated music. If you've ever wondered how they manage to combine cool French vocals, guitar melodies, and bossa nova rhythms so perfectly, then this is the article for you! So, sit back and enjoy the ride as we explore the enticing melodies of this remarkable band.

What makes Nouvelle Vague unique is their ability to take classic songs from different genres and turn them into something fresh and new. Known for their covers of The Clash, Blondie, The Cure, and many others, Nouvelle Vague has a way of reinventing these classic tunes with their own stylings. Their distinctively French vocals coupled with their signature bossa nova beats can transform any track into an elegant, lounge-style song. Every song they take and make their own has been artfully crafted to hold true to the original composition but still honor the Nouvelle Vague sound.

One of the band’s strengths is their ability to create a relaxing and chill atmosphere. Their music is something that you can play in the background while having a glass of wine, or just when you want to unwind. However, this doesn’t mean that their music lacks substance. In fact, their take on these classic songs is often experimental and creates a whole new experience for fans. Their instrumentation tends to be minimalist, which allows the vocals to take center stage and really shine. They also like to use a variety of instruments, such as horns and strings, to keep their sound fresh and interesting.

Nouvelle Vague has the unique ability to create hooks that will stick with you long after you turn off the music. Their songs are easy on the ears, and yet, they linger in your mind for a long time. These catchy tunes are perfect for a road trip or just when you want a soundtrack to your life. They make music that you can easily get lost in, allowing you to enjoy your own personal journey through life while music radiates from your speakers.

Critics tend to be divided on Nouvelle Vague's music. Some see it as a little too derivative and dismiss it as background music. Others, however, appreciate the band's unorthodox approach to cover songs and their sophisticated, elegant sound. Nevertheless, there is no denying the band's enduring popularity and critical acclaim. Their music has a distinct sound that stands the test of time and continues to captivate listeners across generations.

In conclusion, Nouvelle Vague is a band that truly stands out from the crowd. Their take on classic songs from different genres creates a new listening experience, while their relaxed and chilled atmosphere makes it perfect for unwinding or just general listening. They may not be for everyone, but those who appreciate their unique sound continue to flock to their shows. Nouvelle Vague is a band with a bright future and a loyal fan base, ensuring that they will continue to create great music for years to come. So, pour yourself another glass of wine, sit back, relax, and lose yourself in the sophisticated sounds of this iconic band. You won't be disappointed!
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1 - The Killing Moon
2 - Come On Eileen
3 - Fade to Grey
4 - In a Manner of Speaking
5 - Love Will Tear Us Apart
6 - Ever Fallen in Love
7 - Dance With Me
8 - Too Drunk to Fuck
9 - Guns of Brixton
10 - This Is Not a Love Song
11 - Making Plans for Nigel
12 - I Melt With You
13 - Dancing With Myself
14 - Heart Of Glass
15 - Blue Monday
16 - A Forest
17 - Marian
18 - Psyche
19 - Just Can't Get Enough
20 - Don't Go
21 - Friday Night Saturday Morning
22 - Let Me Go
23 - O Pamela
24 - Human Fly
25 - Escape Myself
26 - Bela Lugosi's Dead
27 - Waves
28 - Blister In The Sun
29 - Heaven
30 - Road To Nowhere
31 - All My Colours
32 - Master And Servant
33 - God Save The Queen
34 - Our Lips Are Sealed
35 - The American
36 - Ca Plane Pour Moi
37 - Metal
38 - So Lonely
39 - Parade
40 - Wishing (if I Had A Photograph Of You)
41 - Sorry For Laughing
42 - Shack Up
43 - Sandy Sandy


2024-02-21 h: 19:00
Old Woolen
Leeds, UK
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2024-02-22 h: 19:00
Tha Cavern
Liverpool, UK
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2024-02-23 h: 19:00
Band On The Wall
Manchester, UK
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2024-02-24 h: 19:00
Saint Luke's
Glasgow, UK
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2024-02-25 h: 19:00
The Liquid Room
Edinburgh, UK
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2024-02-29 h: 19:00
Southampton 1865
Southampton, UK
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2024-03-01 h: 20:00
Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre
Exeter, UK
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2024-03-02 h: 19:00
Assembly Leamington
Coventry, UK
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2024-03-04 h: 19:00
Union Chapel
London, UK
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2024-03-05 h: 19:00
Union Chapel
London, UK
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2024-03-07 h: 19:00
Brighton, Chalk
Brighton, UK
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2024-03-08 h: 19:00
The Crossing
Birmingham, UK
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2024-05-30 h: 20:00
Royal Circus (Cirque Royal/Koninklijk Circus)
Brussels, Belgium
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2024-06-04 h: 20:00
Le Trianon
Paris, France
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