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Little People

Little People is a toy brand for children ages 6–36 months and to ages 3 and up, originally produced by Fisher-Price, Inc. in the 1960s as the Play Family People. The current product line consists of playsets, mini-sets and accessories, books, CDs, and DVDs focusing on various configurations of 5 characters named Eddie, Tessa, Mia, Koby, and Sofie.
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2012: ''Dance Party!''
2010: ''Chantons l'alphabet''
2010: ''Sunday School Sing-Along''
2008: ''Little People 50th Birthday Sing?Along Collection''
2005: ''Bath Time Sing-Along''
''Cruisin' Music (Songs''
2004: ''Little People:¡Cantemos En Español!''
2003: ''Sing-Along Favorites''
2003: ''Songs About Your Neighborhood''
''1-2-3 Sing-Along''
''Limited Edition Bonus CD''
''Little People - 50 Sing-along Classics''
''Playtime Favorites''
''Silly Favorites''
''Toddler Favorites''