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Luther Allison

Luther Allison (August 17, 1939 – August 12, 1997)[2][3] was an American blues guitarist. He was born in Widener, Arkansas[4], although some accounts suggest his actual place of birth was Mayflower, Arkansas[1][5].
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2009: ''Songs From The Road'' listen full album
2007: ''Underground''
1999: ''Standing at the Crossroad''
1997: ''Reckless''
1995: ''Blue Streak''
1994: ''Bad Love''
1994: ''Hand Me Down My Moonshine''
1994: ''Serious''
1994: ''Soul Fixin' Man''
1990: ''More From Berlin''
1987: ''Rich Man''
1985: ''Here I Come''
1984: ''Life Is a Bitch''
1977: ''Love Me Papa''
1974: ''Luther's Blues'' listen full album
1972: ''Bad News Is Coming'' listen full album
1969: ''Love Me Mama''