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Pangaea is a musical artist that has created a lasting impact on history with their classic songs and albums. From rock ballads to haunting love songs, this enigmatic artist has something for everyone. They have released several successful top 10 albums, including fan favourites like 'Blue Oceans' and ‘Greenstone Kiss Outside' which have stayed popular through generations. With their unforgettable sound and classic lyrics, Pangaea is sure to remain an inspiration in the music industry for years to come!
Walk Down Memory Lane with Pangaea – The Musician with a Story!
Music is a language understood universally, but when it comes to Pangaea, its music reaches out to people at a deeper level. The music of this artist has the power to make you feel all sorts of emotions, and it has kept the audience on their toes for years. If you’re someone who loves to delve into the artist’s story and the soul of the music they produce, Pangaea is a topic that you need to know about. In this blog, we’ll take a deep dive into the life of the artist Pangaea, its musical biography, best songs, music genre, famous concerts and a critic.
Pangaea, also known as Samuel Lewis, is a British musician born in North London. During his early life, Pangaea found his passion for music in his teenage years by playing drum & bass at free parties and raves across London. He later pursued his passion for music production by studying music technology in Manchester. During his time in University, he discovered Dubstep, which would give him a much larger platform to showcase his musical talents. Pangaea's early music was a combination of various genres that brought depth and excitement in his tracks.
Pangaea's musical journey began to gain major traction in 2011, with the release of his debut single Inna Daze. It was the first single that was then followed by his debut full-length album Release. His music started to reach global audiences through the legendary Dubstep label Hessle Audio, where he released some of his biggest hits like You & I, Bear Witness, and Hex. Pangaea's style merged grime, techno, and dubstep, with a twist that made his sound unique and distinctive. These tracks have defined his ability as a producer, and his sound has consistently been evolving ever since.
If you're a fan looking to discover some of Pangaea's best works, then You & I from the album In Drum Play is a must listen. The track Inna Daze is also a favorite among fans, combining a mellow bassline with mysterious vocal synths. You can also check out some of his other hits like Bone Sucka, Release, and Won't Hurt. These tracks not only showcase his potential as a talented producer but also defines his dedication to his craft.
Pangaea has graced major stages like Bloc Weekender, Sonar, Submerge, and Fabric. He has also collaborated with other great artists like Motion Sickness and Boddika, where he produced some of his best tracks like Thoughts Of You, Up My Alley, and Love Vacation. Critics believe that Pangaea's music is best experienced live, as his talent truly shines through a PA system.
Pangaea's music represents his journey as a producer and his evolution through multiple genres. The depth of his music and his passion for the art form is evident in his creative compositions. Pangaea continues to be a source of inspiration for both aspiring and established artists, and his legacy is forever embedded in the Dubstep genre. Whether you're an existing fan waiting for new tracks, or a newcomer looking to shake things up with Pangaea's music, know that you're in good company. Pangaea's music landscapes are exciting and hold infinite possibilities. So sit back, relax and enjoy the wondrous world of Pangaea – The musical master!


Next Concert
2024-03-09 h: 22:00
Seattle, US
1 - Router
2 - Fatalist
3 - Pob
4 - Why
5 - Ivy
6 - Mackerel
7 - Solvent
8 - Bear Witness
9 - Nest
10 - Mosaix
11 - Deviant
12 - Sunset Yellow
13 - Coiled
14 - Neurons
15 - Release
16 - Memories
17 - Runout
18 - Dead Living
19 - Hex
20 - Inna Daze
21 - You & I
22 - 5-htp
23 - Because Of You
24 - Scaled Wing
25 - Bone Sucka
26 - Bulb In Zinc
27 - Rotor Soap
28 - Game
29 - Mutual Exchange
30 - Like This - Edit
31 - Like This - Full Mix
32 - Trouble
33 - Majestic 12
34 - More Is More To Burn
35 - Aware
36 - Middleman
37 - Time Bomb
38 - Skips Desk
39 - Won't Hurt
40 - One By One
41 - Lofty Can
42 - Mission Creep
43 - Viaduct
44 - High
45 - Stimulant Dub
46 - Send It In
47 - Dns
2012: Release


2024-03-09 h: 22:00
Seattle, US
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2024-03-22 h: 23:00
Village Underground
London, UK
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