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Public Image Ltd.

Public Image Ltd (PiL) are an English post-punk band formed by vocalist John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten), guitarist Keith Levene and bassist Jah Wobble, with frequent subsequent personnel changes.
The Rise of Public Image Ltd: A Signature Sound for Music Lovers
Public Image Ltd, commonly known as PiL, is an English post-punk band that was formed in London in 1978. It came into existence after the Sex Pistols disbanded, and its only consistent member has been frontman John Lydon. The band's unique music and style have set it apart from other post-punk bands, and it has continued to evolve over time, incorporating elements from various genres to create a sound that is truly all its own.
PiL has without a doubt crafted an intriguing musical biography that has left a lasting impact for decades. The band's initial releases were marked by a confrontational, avant-garde sound that was equal parts punk, dub, and art rock. Their debut album, First Issue, was released in 1978 and features tracks such as Public Image and Low Life which focus on the gritty experiences of Lydon with a mix of Political and social commentary.
PiL relished in creating unpredictable music and its sound frequently blends together and borrows from a diverse range of genres. The band's musical style and approach has also been very fluid, and it has been reshaped over the years to incorporate elements of disco, funk, and dance music. This approach can be seen in tracks such as Disco Inferno and This Is Not a Love Song.
PiL's best songs are the ones which capture and showcase the band's fierce energy and unique sound. Tracks such as Rise, Public Image, and Death Disco showcase the band's punk rock roots, while This Is Not a Love Song and The Body incorporate elements from funk and dance music. Disappointed and Warrior presents a raw look at PiL's distinctive style
PiL has also has put on several of the most famous concerts of its time. Its early European concerts were especially momentous, featuring up-close performances in intimate settings. One of PiL's most memorable concerts was held at New York City's legendary club, the Ritz, in 1981.
Critics have praised PiL for its ability to make provocative music that is experimental and full of contrast. Known for its willingness to embrace a variety of genres while still adhering to a post-punk foundation, PiL is often praised for its defiance of musical conventions.
Public Image Ltd has come a long way from its early beginnings as a post-punk band. Its music has evolved to encompass wide range of genres that has inspired a whole host of artists. PiL is truly a musical phenomenon that blurs the lines between music and art, and it remains a beloved band in the hearts of music lovers everywhere.


1 - No Birds Do Sing
2 - The Cowboy Song
3 - Memories
4 - Careering
5 - Albatross
6 - Swan Lake
7 - Poptones
8 - Seattle
9 - Annalisa
10 - Socialist
11 - Flowers of Romance
12 - The Suit
13 - Chant
14 - Bad Baby
15 - Radio 4
16 - Rise
17 - Public Image
18 - This Is Not A Love Song
19 - Graveyard
20 - Religion I
21 - The Order Of Death
22 - Low Life
23 - Death Disco
24 - Rise - Bob Clearmountain Remix
25 - Theme
26 - Religion Ii
27 - Attack
28 - Home
29 - Disappointed
30 - Four Enclosed Walls
31 - One Drop
32 - Fodderstompf
33 - Phenagen
34 - Under The House
35 - Banging The Door
36 - The Body
37 - Rise - Remastered 2011
38 - Hymie's Him
39 - Go Back
40 - Rules And Regulations
41 - Francis Massacre
42 - Don't Ask Me
43 - (this Is Not A) Love Song
44 - Warrior
45 - The Order Of Death - 2011 - Remaster
46 - Fishing
47 - Bad Life
48 - Round
49 - Hawaii