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Royal & The Serpent


Royal & The Serpent: A New Voice in Alt-Pop Music
Have you ever come across an artist and found yourself instantly drawn to their sound and style? Well, that's precisely how I felt when I first heard Royal & The Serpent's music. The solo project of singer/songwriter Ryan Santiago, Royal & The Serpent burst on the scene in 2019 with their debut single, Salvador Dali. Since then, they have released several other hits and created a solid fan base with their unique blend of alt-pop, indie rock, and hip-hop sounds. In this article, we'll explore Royal & The Serpent's musical biography, their most popular songs, their music genre, and their famous concerts, along with a critic.
Musical Biography
Ryan Santiago, who goes by the moniker Royal & The Serpent, grew up in Los Angeles, California. He learned to play guitar at a young age and started writing songs in his early teens. Through his high school years, Ryan played in various bands and collaborated with other musicians. However, he eventually decided to strike out on his own and started working on his music under the pseudonym Royal & The Serpent. Ryan's unique style blends together genres like alt-pop, indie rock, and hip-hop.
Best Songs
While Royal & The Serpent may be a relatively new artist on the scene, they have already released several popular hits. Salvador Dali, their debut single, is a love letter to the surrealist painter and showcases Ryan's unique vocal style and blend of genres. Another popular song is Overwhelmed, which gained traction on TikTok and has over 100 million streams to date. The song deals with the anxieties of modern life, and Ryan delivers the lyrics with raw emotion and honesty.
Music Genre
Royal & The Serpent's sound is hard to categorize, and that's part of what makes them so unique. They draw inspiration from a diverse range of genres, including indie rock, alt-pop, and hip-hop. Ryan's vocals are often compared to those of Billie Eilish, and the overall sound has been described as dark pop. However, there's also a rawness and vulnerability to their music that's absent from much of the pop landscape.
Famous Concerts and Critic
Famous Concerts and Critic
While Royal & The Serpent hasn't been performing live for very long, they've already gained a reputation for their electrifying shows. They opened for Billie Eilish on her Where Do We Go? tour in 2020, playing to huge crowds across North America. Ryan has also played at several festivals and events, including Lollapalooza and Made In America. Critics have been effusive in their praise of Royal & The Serpent's live shows, with many remarking on the intensity and authenticity of the performance.
Royal & The Serpent is a fresh voice in the alt-pop music scene. Ryan Santiago's unique blend of genres and raw emotional delivery has made them a fan favorite for many listeners. From their early days playing in various bands to opening for Billie Eilish in sold-out arenas, Royal & The Serpent has come a long way. With more releases on the horizon, it is safe to say that we can expect many more hits and electrifying performances from Ryan Santiago and his band.

Royal & the Serpent is an artist on the rise, quickly garnering widespread interest. With their wholly unique fusion of indie rock and alternative pop, listeners are spellbound by their captivating vocals and introspective lyrics. Needing few words to tell a satisfying song, they draw in a devoted following. It's fair to say that Royal & the Serpent is among one of the most compelling rising artists out right now. Each tune offers up something special to the lucky few who experience them first, leaving long standing fans of their music celebrating each new release as a truly exquisite treat.
1 - Overwhelmed - Chri$tian Gate$ Remix
2 - Choke
3 - I Can't Get High
4 - Weddings & Funerals
5 - Girls (feat. Phem)
6 - Love Abuser (save Me)
7 - Im Not Sorry
8 - Phuckboi Rejects
9 - Go Phuck Urself
10 - Fuckboi Rejects
11 - Happier In Hell
12 - Underneath The Mask
13 - Phuck U
14 - Better
15 - Im Fine
16 - Death Of Me
17 - Lucid Dreams
18 - Bad Kids (feat. Yoshi Flower)
19 - Chips (feat. American Teeth)
20 - Happiness 4 Dummies
21 - Warn You
22 - No Regrets
23 - Together
24 - That Sux
25 - I Dont Even Like U
26 - Mmxx
27 - Salvador Dali (frumhere Remix)
28 - Alt B!tch Poser
29 - Fanny Pack
30 - Fuck U
31 - Freak Flag
32 - I Am
33 - Salvador Dali (fla.mingo Remix)
34 - Gay Interlude
35 - The Abc Song
36 - Overwhelmed (chri$tian Gate$ Remix)