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Smoke City

Smoke City was an English band that blended acid jazz and trip hop, borrowing from Brazilian styles such as samba and bossa nova.



A Closer Look at Smoke City: The Beats and Soul behind the Music

Even if you don't know Smoke City's music, you've probably heard their hit single, “Underwater Love”. It was used as the background score for feature films like Shrek 2 and Plankton Invasion, catapulting the Brazilian downtempo group to international fame in 1997. Since then, Smoke City has cradled fans around the world with their stripped-down electronic beats and soulful vocals – but that doesn't mean criticism of how they craft those sounds hasn't followed them over the years. In this blog post, we'll take a look at both sides of Smoke City: analyzing what critics love about their drum rhythms and basslines while appreciating why loyal fans remain devoted to their tunes.

Smoke City is a musical group that is well-known for their captivating beats and soulful vocals that have won over millions of listeners worldwide. Even if you are not familiar with their work, you would have undoubtedly heard their hit single “Underwater Love” which featured in popular movies like Shrek 2 and Plankton Invasion. Over the years, they have received both praise and criticisms for their minimalist electronic beats and unconventional approach to music-making. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at what makes Smoke City's music unique, and why it has continued to captivate loyal fans for over two decades.

Smoke City's music is characterized by a stripped-down electronic sound that incorporates elements of trip-hop, bossa nova, and jazz. The group's sound is defined by the use of simple beats and minimalist arrangements that help to highlight the soulful and intricate vocal performances of the lead singer, Nina Miranda. Critics of the band often point out that their sound lacks the complexity and sophistication that is typically characteristic of electronic music. However, fans argue that it is precisely this simplicity that gives Smoke City's music its unique charm and accessibility.

Smoke City's drum rhythms and basslines are at the core of their sound. The drums are often characterized by their use of subtle syncopation and delay, which lend the music a laidback and relaxed feel. Interestingly, Smoke City often records their drum tracks using live percussion rather than programming them using a drum machine. This approach helps to give their music a natural and organic feel that is missing from most electronic music. The basslines are similarly minimalistic, often providing just enough melodic and harmonic support without overpowering the vocals or drums.

One of the things that set Smoke City apart from other electronic music artists is their willingness to experiment with different musical styles and genres. For example, their hit song “Underwater Love” features a bossa nova-inspired rhythm and a languid, dreamy melody that is reminiscent of 1960s Brazilian pop. This nod to Brazilian music is a recurring theme throughout Smoke City's oeuvre, and it helps to give their music a distinctively Latin feel. Similarly, the group's use of vocal harmonies is reminiscent of jazz and soul music, adding yet another layer of complexity to their minimalist sound.

Despite the criticisms, Smoke City has remained a beloved and influential band for over two decades. Their unique blend of electronic, jazz, and bossa nova has won over legions of fans who appreciate their stripped-down, soulful sound. Perhaps what makes Smoke City so appealing to listeners is its accessibility. Their music is simple yet sophisticated, and its dreamy and languid vibe makes it the perfect soundtrack for those quiet nights spent indoors.

In conclusion, Smoke City's music is a testament to the power of stripped-down, soulful beats and a willingness to experiment with different musical genres. The band's minimalist approach to electronic music-making has won over millions of fans, and its influence can still be heard in the music of many contemporary electronic music artists. Despite criticisms that the band's sound lacks complexity, Smoke City's music is a testament to the idea that sometimes less is more, and that music can be both simple and sophisticated at the same time.
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1 - Underwater Love
2 - With You
3 - Devil Mood
4 - Mr. Gorgeous (and Miss Curvaceous)
5 - Jamie Pan
6 - Dark Walk
7 - Numbers
8 - Can You Feel That?
9 - Giulietta
10 - London
11 - Remember This
12 - Jug
13 - Flying Away
14 - It's Amazing
15 - Underwater Love (radio Edit)
16 - Aguas De Marco
17 - Life Can Be Sweet
18 - This Song
19 - Little Elina
20 - They Can't Take That Away From Me
21 - Mr. Gorgeous (and Miss Curvaceous) (mood Ii Swing Vocal Mix)
22 - Aguas De Março (joga Bossa)
23 - Aguas De Marco (joga Bossa)
24 - Underwater Love (original Mix)
25 - I Really Want You
26 - Dreams
27 - Numbers - Interlude No.1
28 - Mr. Gorgeous