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Solomun is an iconic artist who has made music history, navigating urban rythms and creating timeless classics. His top songs include Royal Diamond from 2020 and his 2011 hit single Something We All Adore. Through his pioneering productions, Solomun's fanbase has grown dedicated beyond compare. His three genre spanning albums receive plaudits from both critics and everyday listeners alike. From Black Note Expedition to Dancing with Ghosts, he put out groundbreaking material after groundbreaking material for widespread circulation. You can't talk about contemporary music scene without talking about Solomun!
Solomun: The Maestro in Electronic Music
In today’s world, there are countless artists that have taken the music scene by storm, but not all of them create a symphony that captivates the soul and brings life to the stage like Solomun. He is an artist that stands out in Electronic music – a legend who has revolutionized the electronic music scene. His music has been applauded by audiences globally, making him one of the most respected and successful artists of our time. Today's blog is all about Solomun and his musical journey.
As a child, Solomun showed an interest in music, and his passion for creating music began when he learned to play classical guitar. Growing up, his musical taste was influenced by the blues and rock legends, but he eventually found his passion in electronic music. Solomun played at underground parties in Hamburg before going on to release his first single in 2006. Following this, he spent years touring the world, leaving audiences mesmerized by his music.
Solomun’s music genre is house and techno. His music has been widely popular in clubs all over the world and has even been featured in the Game of Thrones series. His musical style is unique; it’s groovy, soulful, and energetic, which makes people dance like they’ve never danced before. One of his most iconic songs is 'Kackvogel,' which has more than 17 million views on Youtube. Solomun’s style and taste in music have attracted huge crowds worldwide, turning him into a global phenomenon.
Solomun’s shows are a spectacle to behold. He has performed at some of the world's biggest electronic music festivals, including Tomorrowland and Time Warp. He has also had residency concerts in Ibiza, including the famous Pacha Club. He is known for his epic, two-hour-long sets - where he builds an atmosphere that takes people on an emotional rollercoaster through different sounds, beats, and tempos. People who have seen Solomun perform live only have words of praise for this phenomenal artist.
Critic Antony Avis has said some incredible things about Solomun: With Solomun’s music, you always get the sense that there are layers of meaning there to discover every time you listen. That’s one of the reasons why he has managed to connect so well with the cool underground crowd, who aren’t just there to have a good time. They’re there to explore a deeper side of electronic music - a side that Solomun has done so much to expand and enrich.
Undoubtedly, Solomun is one of the most significant artists in electronic music, a true artist who has forever changed its landscape. His music is a perfect blend of energy, melody, and harmony, which makes him stand out as compared to other artists. The success, respect, and accolades that Solomun has received are well-deserved. If you haven’t already, we urge you to give Solomun a listen and experience the joy and beauty that his music brings to the world.
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3 - Friends
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5 - Somebody's Story
6 - Living On
7 - YesNoMaybe - Original Mix
8 - Eiszauber
9 - Feuervogel
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20 - Deep Circus
21 - Blackout
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23 - See You Everyday Alone
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25 - He Is Watching You (original Mix)
26 - Talk To The Hand
27 - After Rain Comes Sun (joris Voorn Dusty Dub Stab)
28 - Keep Control (pantha Du Prince Remix)
29 - Curesto
30 - Daddy's Jam
31 - Something We All Adore
32 - Somebody's Story
33 - Customer Is King
34 - Love Recycled 1
35 - Midnight Snack
36 - Cloud Dancer - Manuel Tur´s Syphon Drum Mix
37 - Love Recycled 2
38 - Kreatur Der Nacht (feat. Isolation Berlin)
39 - Dre
40 - Sisi
41 - Tuk Tuk (feat. Ätna)
42 - Something We All Adore - Original Mix
43 - Rotweinfleck
44 - Medea
45 - He Is Watching You
46 - Ich Muss Los
47 - Daddy's Jam (original Mix)
48 - Beauty & The Beast (vocal)
2009: Dance Baby


Parco Dora
Turin, Italy
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