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Tube & Berger


Explore the musical history of Tube & Berger, the EDM duo hailing from Germany. These two disc jockeys have released many iconic tracks throughout their career, and it's time to take a look at some of their best songs and albums. Early on, they earned themselves a buzz with singles like Straight Ahead, and in 2004 they released their debut album Intrinsic Nature featuring superb genre crossover tracks like “Solid Groove”. In 2017, Tube & Berger extended their acclaim when they dropped Release Musik on imprint Kittball Records – an album containing notorious hits such as Internos and Fantasy. With 4+ decades creating noteworthy tunes, it is fair to say that there's plenty to discover from their catalog.
Discovering the Beat of Tube & Berger: A Biography of the Dynamic Duo
Tube & Berger is a German DJ and production duo composed of Arndt Roerig and Marko Vidovic, who are known for their innovative music that blends different genres, including house, techno, and deep-house. Since the start of their career in the early 2000s, the two have created a path for themselves by producing catchy beats and experimenting with different sounds, leading them to become one of the most significant duos in the international electronic music scene.
In this blog, we'll delve into the highlights of the careers of Tube & Berger, their musical journey, and their best songs, among others. Join us as we explore the critical aspects of their success in the scene.
Tube & Berger had their breakthrough in 2004 with their hit single, Straight Ahead, that made them a household name in the European electronic music scene. The catchy tune featured a catchy bassline and vocal samples of Marvin Gaye's Got to Give It Up, that created an irrepressible groove. They followed the success of the song with another hit single, Free Tribe, in 2005, which prominently featured the horns from the James Brown classic Body Heat.
The duo's music and influence have continuously evolved, and they are renowned for their skill in creating songs that cater to different tastes. In 2012, Tube & Berger signed to the Suara record label, and the following year released one of their most significant hits to date, Imprint of Pleasure. The single was a global success, reaching the top 100 of many charts and grabbing the attention of DJs and music lovers worldwide. Imprint of Pleasure is a notable track that features an ethnic-infused melody grounded in electronic synth and sound elements, fusing the best of both worlds.
One of the critical factors that set Tube & Berger's music apart is the use of lyrics that inspire deep thought and emotional connections within their music. When They Come, Burning Road, and Set Free captivate you by the blending of vocal harmonies, percussive beats, and emotive lyrics, where the rawness of Tube & Berger's sound continues to captivate music lovers.
In 2014, Tube & Berger produced another impressive song, Come On Now (Set It Off), featuring vocalist Juliet Sikora, which saw the duo flawlessly blend alluring synth sounds with the soulful voice of Juliet Sikora. The ballad became a fan favorite, reaching number 1 in the Beatport chart and establishing Tube & Berger as an international sensation.
Tube & Berger's success has seen them perform at numerous concerts worldwide. One of the most notable performances was their appearance at Miami's Ultra Music Festival in 2014. Their energetic performance features their signature upbeat-style, high-energy, and on-point mixing skills that elevated the audience's experience.
In conclusion, Tube & Berger's music journey has been nothing short of impressive. They've created a patch for themselves by producing catchy beats and experimenting with different sounds, leading them to become one of the most significant duos in the international electronic music scene. From the launching of their career with Straight Ahead, Tube & Berger has continued to redefine the music scene, with Imprint of Pleasure and Set Free being some of their best works to date. Their music has been a must-play in many clubs and festivals, and they continue to share their insightful artistry with the world.
1 - Imprint Of Pleasure
2 - Come On Now (set It Off) - Radio Edit
3 - Straight Ahead
4 - Disarray - Original Mix
5 - Rock N Roll Until We Die
6 - Free Tribe
7 - Come On Now (set It Off)
8 - We Are All Stars
9 - Surfin' - Nice7 Remix
10 - In My Dip
11 - Ruckus - Club Edit
1997: Alive