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Souls of Mischief is a hip hop group from Oakland, California, that is also part of the hip hop collective Hieroglyphics.
Exploring the Soulful Tunes of Souls of Mischief
When it comes to West Coast hip hop, the Souls of Mischief are considered to be essential listening. The group, which started in Oakland, California in the early 90s, has been active for over three decades, and their distinctive blend of funk, jazz, and boom-bap beats has won them a dedicated fanbase. Despite having released a slew of fantastic albums, there's still plenty of people who don't know much about them. So, in this blog post, we're going to take a deep dive into the Souls of Mischief's biography, music genre, best songs, famous concerts, and a critic that undoubtedly has influenced their career.
The Souls of Mischief consists of four rappers – A-Plus, Opio, Phesto, and Tajai – who grew up together in Oakland's hip hop scene. They first came to the public's attention when they collaborated with Del the Funky Homosapien on the classic album No Need for Alarm. However, it was their debut album, 93 'til Infinity, which they released in September 1993, that solidified their position in the hip hop pantheon. The title track is a hallmark of the genre, with its infectious sample-driven beat and memorable lyrics. The album as a whole is considered one of the best hip hop albums ever and established Souls of Mischief as one of the most talented and innovative groups of their time.
Musically, Souls of Mischief mixes funk, jazz, and soulful samples with a distinctly West Coast, boom-bap sound. Their beats are infused with an upbeat, lively energy that's perfectly matched by their charismatic delivery, as each of the MCs brings their unique flow to the table. Their style may be rooted in the 90s, but it's also timeless, and their music still sounds fresh and vibrant decades later.
Talking about the best songs of Souls of Mischief, it's tough to pick only a few given the great records they produced over the years; still, here are a select few. First 93 'Til Infinity, the opening track of the album of the same name, a soulful track that instantly transports you back to the golden age of hip hop. Next, Never No More, a slow-burning track that showcases the group's versatility and their ability to craft an emotional song without losing their signature sound. Finally, Cab Fare, a cut off their latest album There Is Only Now, which features Snoop Dogg and speaks to the group's eclectic influences; It's a fun jam that summarizes the Oakland feeling of the group.
The Souls of Mischief have been prolific touring artists, having shared stages with hip hop icons such as Wu-Tang Clan, A Tribe Called Quest, Dr. Dre, and Ice Cube. They are well known for their live shows, which are a high-energy affair, with plenty of crowd participation and a mix of old-school bangers and new tracks. A notable performance was when they shared the stage with Wu-Tang Clan, impressing the New York crowd with their Oakland sound, proving their unique appeal outside of their home turf.
The Souls of Mischief have received critical acclaim throughout their career, inspiring a range of esteemed publications to write about their work. Probably their most acclaimed album is 93 til Infinity, which garnered an impressive 9.3 rating on Pitchfork. Still, the group continued to release outstanding albums throughout the years, with the likes of No Man's Land and There Is Only Now, receiving recognition from major publications worldwide.
In conclusion, the Souls of Mischief is an essential piece of the West Coast hip hop canon, one that any music listener should have in their collection. They have stayed true to their sound throughout their careers and continue to put out exciting new music even in their third decade. Their upbeat party style, combined with their soulful and jazzy sounds, sets them apart from their peers and continues to inspire new generations to follow in their footsteps. Listening to their records and attending one of their live shows is an undeniable experience from which you won't regret getting lost in.
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Souls Of Mischief - Reigning Supreme in Hip Hop for Over Two Decades

Souls Of Mischief are truly a remarkable hip hop group that have been making music since the early 90's. Their unique sound has evolved over time – blending seamlessly between old-school beats and modern day flows and lyricism. While they may not be one of the most mainstream names in rap today, their work still stands strong as some of the best ever created. However, they haven't completely escaped criticism either - many citing repetitive lyrics or lack of lyrical depth at times - yet with each release Souls Of Mischief have managed to prove exactly why they remain heralded as some of the greatest rappers in hip hop for over two decades!

When it comes to the hip hop genre, there are some names that will always be synonymous with the genre itself. Souls Of Mischief is one such name that instantly comes to mind. This incredible hip hop group has been creating music since the early 90's, blending old-school beats with modern-day flows and lyricism to give fans an unparalleled musical experience. Yet their work remains lesser known, and while they may not be the most mainstream name in rap today, Souls Of Mischief still stand strong as some of the best rappers of all time. Criticized at times for repetitive lyrics or a lack of lyrical depth, Souls Of Mischief has proven time and again why they remain heralded as some of the greatest rappers in hip hop history.

Souls Of Mischief is a hip-hop group formed in Oakland, California in 1991. It comprises of members Tajai, Opio, Phesto, and A-Plus. The group became famous for their first album, 93 'til Infinity, which is considered one of the greatest albums in the hip hop history. The album includes hit singles like the title track 93 'til Infinity, That's When Ya Lost, and Never No More. The group's music combines creative rhymes, unique wordplay, and melodic beats to produce a unique sound that still resonates with hip hop fans today.

One of the things that sets Souls Of Mischief apart from other hip hop groups is their longevity. Many rap groups come and go, but Souls Of Mischief has been able to maintain relevance in the industry for over two decades. They have released seven studio albums and various collaborations, including one with producer Adrian Younge, which resulted in Their latest album There Is Only Now. Their music continues to evolve and change, with every new release offering a fresh perspective and a new sound.

Another key aspect of Souls Of Mischief's sustained success is their ability to effortlessly transcend new musical trends while maintaining their sound. This evolutionary quality can be heard in the group's albums like Focus and No Man's Land. Both albums move beyond the traditional sounds of hip hop without losing their grip on the genre's fundamentals. Through these albums, they gained a reputation for creating a mature, sophisticated sound that few other groups could match.

Despite their impressive staying power, Souls Of Mischief has had to face some criticisms over the years. Some have noted the group's repetitive lyrics or lack of lyrical depth, which can arguably be true at times. However, it's clear that Souls Of Mischief has been successful because of their versatility and ability to connect with the fans.

In conclusion, Souls Of Mischief is one of the most important hip hop groups of all time. Their music has had a profound effect on the genre, inspiring new artists and pushing the boundaries of what hip hop can be. While some may criticize their lack of lyrical depth, their music is undeniably creative, unique, and forward-thinking. Their ability to remain relevant for over two decades is a testament to the sheer talent and sheer force of their music. With each passing year, Souls Of Mischief's place in hip hop history is further cemented, and the influence they have on current and future artists is undeniable.
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1 - 93 'til Infinity
2 - Let 'Em Know
3 - Step to My Girl
4 - Live and Let Live
5 - Anything Can Happen
6 - Make Your Mind Up
7 - Tour Stories
8 - That's When Ya Lost
9 - A Name I Call Myself
10 - Limitations
11 - Batting Practice
12 - Never No More
13 - What a Way to Go Out
14 - Outro
15 - Tell Me Who Profits
16 - Spark
17 - Postal
18 - 93 'til Infinity
19 - That's When Ya Lost
20 - Let 'em Know
21 - Disseshowedo
22 - '93 'til Infinity
23 - 93 'til Infinity - Lp Instrumental
24 - Ya Don't Stop
25 - Proper Aim
26 - No Man's Land
27 - Rock It Like That
28 - Cab Fare
29 - Freshdopedope
30 - Medication
31 - Secret Service
32 - You Got It
33 - Hiero Hq
34 - Fa Sho Fo Real
35 - So You Wanna Be A...
36 - Do You Want It?
37 - Intro
38 - '94 Via Satellite
39 - Times Ain't Fair
40 - Dirty D's Theme (hoe Or Die)
41 - Poets
42 - Won!
43 - Trilogy
44 - Fourmation
45 - Step Off
46 - That's When Ya Lost (feat. Pep Love)


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