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3eon Vibe

3eon Vibe is an upcoming Artist from the Melbourne Scene, inspired by his Stepfather, Dj Shadow. He was born in Santiago, Chile And raised with a father and mother for 6 years in the Chilean slums sometimes only going by with just bread. His Mother had the opportunity to take Brandonlee out of the poverty as she had modeled for Victoria Secret she flew herself and Brandonlee to Miami also due to to having a Violent father. Brandonlee Was taken all around Miami as a kid with his mother in her photo shoots and had eventually won baby of the millennium in United States. Due his mother wanting him to grow up and be safe she flew Brandonlee Saavedra Paredes and herself to Melbourne, Australia and he was then raised in Melbourne but consistently had moved school to school growing up due to his father also living in Melbourne. While moving school to school it was hard for him to make friends so he began to get into making music and dancing. Through family member contacts Brandonlee was then introduced into modelling and started modelling for an Agency in Bettina Management for a year but then got contacted by an international modelling agency in Argentina and had modeled for well known clothing designers such as "Jose Calderon Etc. After Spending 3 Months in Argentina modelling and seeing family he then returned to Australia to truely focus on the one thing he was passionate about, which was music.
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