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The Andrews Sisters

The Andrews Sisters were an American close harmony singing group of the swing and boogie-woogie eras.



The Andrews Sisters: A Musical Legacy of Harmony and Obstacles

The Andrews Sisters have long been admired for their perfect vocal harmonies and energetic performance style. As one of the most popular musical groups of the 1940s, they left an indelible mark on the history of music with hits like “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” and “Chattanooga Choo Choo”. However, it is also important to recognize that not everything associated with The Andrews Sisters was strictly positive; their music often included dated language, themes, and generalizations which today could be seen as inappropriate or even offensive. Despite this fact though, it is still important to acknowledge just how revolutionary The Andrews Sisters were in bringing a unique sense of joy to generations around the world - something we can all enjoy no matter our individual feelings about certain aspects of their work.

The Andrews Sisters were one of the most iconic groups in the history of American music. Lauded for their incredible vocal harmonies and catchy hits, such as “Bei Mir Bist Du Schön” and “Rum and Coca-Cola,” they dominated the charts and the airwaves in the 1940s. Their songs were played on the radio, in movies, and even on the battlefields of World War II. However, as with any art produced in a different era, it is important to acknowledge that not everything associated with The Andrews Sisters was positive. Their music sometimes contained themes and language that are now considered offensive. Nevertheless, their contributions to the world of music, entertainment, and culture cannot be ignored.

The Andrews Sisters began their journey to fame in the late 1920s, performing in vaudeville shows and on the radio. Their first hit, “Bei Mir Bist Du Schön, catapulted these three sisters - Laverne, Maxene, and Patty - into mainstream success, and they never looked back. They continued to produce chart-topping hits and tour the world, performing for soldiers and civilians alike. Along the way, they collaborated with legendary artists such as Bing Crosby and brought their unique blend of swing, jazz and pop to millions of fans.

Despite The Andrews Sisters' numerous achievements, their work was not without its flaws. Some of their lyrics, such as those in “Rum and Coca-Cola,” relied on stereotypes and cultural appropriation. And in some performances, such as when they donned grass skirts and painted their faces black, they perpetuated harmful caricatures. Nevertheless, it is important to recognize this in the context of the times in which they lived. While their work had flaws, it also brought immense joy and entertainment to people during a very difficult time in history.

Moreover, The Andrews Sisters’s legacy extends beyond their musical contributions. They were some of the first female entertainers to establish themselves as independent artists in a male-dominated industry, paving the way for women in music for decades to come. Additionally, their work during World War II, including performing for soldiers and selling war bonds, helped boost morale and support the troops.

Their influence can be seen in the music of artists such as The Puppini Sisters, whose modern twist on classic swing is heavily influenced by The Andrews Sisters. And their songs have remained a part of popular culture, appearing in films, television shows, and even video games. Their catchy, upbeat music continues to bring smiles and joy to people all over the world.

The Andrews Sisters may have had their flaws, but their impact on music, entertainment, and culture remains undeniable. Their vocal harmonies, infectious energy, and pioneering spirit continue to inspire and influence generations of artists. While it is important to acknowledge and learn from the problematic elements of their work, we should not forget the joy, inspiration and happiness that they also brought to millions of people around the world. Their legacy lives on, reminding us that music has the power to bring people together and create lasting connections.
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1 - I Can Dream, Can't I?
2 - Rum and Coca Cola
3 - Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
4 - Winter Wonderland
5 - Christmas Island
6 - Rhumboogie
7 - Straighten Up and Fly Right
8 - Beat Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar
9 - Bei Mir Bist Du Schon
10 - Rum And Coca-cola
11 - Rum & Coca Cola
12 - I Can Dream, Can't I?
13 - Civilization (bongo, Bongo, Bongo)
14 - Beer Barrel Polka
15 - In The Mood
16 - Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree
17 - Begin The Beguine
18 - I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time
19 - Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree (with Anyone Else But Me)
20 - Near You
21 - Strip Polka
22 - Civilization - Bongo, Bongo, Bongo
23 - Lullaby Of Broadway
24 - Ti-pi-tin
25 - Here Comes Santa Claus
26 - Sing, Sing, Sing
27 - Shoo Shoo Baby
28 - Rum & Coca Cola - Jojo Effect Remix
29 - Bei Mir Bist Du Schon (means That You're Grand)
30 - Twelve Days Of Christmas
31 - Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh!
32 - Christmas Candles
33 - Chattanooga Choo Choo
34 - Tuxedo Junction
35 - I Wanna Be Loved
36 - Aurora
37 - The Merry Christmas Polka
38 - Rumors Are Flying
39 - Victory Polka
40 - The Christmas Tree Angel
41 - Well All Right
42 - Sleigh Ride
43 - I Can Dream Can't I