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The Bombpops


The Punk Rock Explosion of The Bombpops
If you’re a fan of punk rock music, you might want to check out The Bombpops. This pop punk and punk rock band formed in San Diego, California and has been active for over a decade since they started in 2007. The Bombpops is composed of two members-Jen Razavi and Poli van Dam-who play guitar and sing, and two male members, Josh Lewis and Neil Wayne, who play drums and bass respectively.
The Bombpops is known for their explosive live performances, catchy pop punk hooks, and powerful vocals. Their sound, which can be categorized as a melodic punk or skate punk, often incorporates themes that relate to love, loss, and surviving through the struggles of the modern world. Their influence can be linked to many other punk rock bands like the Ramones, Buzzcocks, and Blink 182.
One of the greatest qualities of The Bombpops is their ability to blend different styles of punk music into their own unique sound. The band does a great job incorporating skate punk elements into their tracks, such as Dear Beer and Fomo. Another great song that stands out is Watch Me Fold, a perfect example of their classic pop punk hooks and harmonies.
The Bombpops have released four studio albums, with their latest full-length, Death in Venice Beach having been released in March 2020. The band’s earlier works, Like I Care and Fear of Missing Out, are also hits among fans. The band’s latest effort shows the band’s growth and evolution within the punk rock genre, with more experimentation such as the song Zero Remorse which incorporates a 90's grunge feel.
Apart from their extensive discography, The Bombpops are also known for their live performances. They've performed all over the world-many times as an opening act for larger punk bands like Strung Out and Bad Religion, but also as a headliner in their own right. Their energy on stage is infectious and they’re always crowd pleasers, often jumping off stage, and starting mosh pits.
Despite their popularity and critical success, The Bombpops remain relatively unknown in the mainstream music world. However, the band has gained a loyal fan base among punk rock enthusiasts, with their album sales, and Spotify streams constantly increasing.
From their musical biography to their best songs, The Bombpops is definitely a band worth adding to your playlist if you’re into punk rock music. The band’s music is alive and booming, showcasing the raw energy and powerful messages of the genre. The Bombpops have now established themselves as a concrete foundation for punk rock, with their songs of love, loss, and surviving through life struggles. Their infectious sound, ability to experiment on their tracks, explosive live performances and growing presence should make them a must listen for any fan of punk rock music.
1 - Outta Hand
2 - Be Sweet
3 - Dear Beer
4 - Fomo
5 - Open Ended
6 - Breathe
7 - Can O' Worms
8 - Stuck On Repeat
9 - Buried
10 - To The Bone
11 - Grocery Store
12 - (back To) The Medicine Cabinet
13 - Paranoid
14 - Ca In July
15 - Southbound Stranger
16 - House On Fire
17 - I Call Bullshit
18 - Radio Silence
19 - In The Doghouse
20 - Turn Up The Thermostat
21 - Blood Pact
22 - 13 Stories Down
23 - Can't Come Clean
24 - Sad To Me
25 - Like I Care
26 - I Can't
27 - Forever Since
28 - Brake Lights
29 - All In A Day's Lurk
30 - Polluted Skies
31 - Jerk
32 - Watch Me Fold
33 - Marry. Fuck. Kill.
34 - Sweet For Sorrow
35 - Dearly Departed
36 - Capable Of Lies
37 - Zero Remorse
38 - Double Arrows Down
39 - Notre Dame