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Sons Of Silver

Get Acquainted with Sons of Silver - A Sonic Adventure!
If you are into classic rock and roll with modern flourishes, Sons of Silver is a band that should be on your radar. This Los Angeles-based group comprises some of the most proficient and experienced musicians who excel in blending rock, blues, and a little bit of punk energy into the perfect sonic cocktail. In this blog post, we will explore the musical biography of Sons of Silver, their music style, best songs, famous concerts and an overall critique of their music.
Musical Biography - Sons of Silver was formed in 2019 by Kevin Haaland (guitarist), Adam Kury (bassist), and Pete Argyropoulos (guitarist), all of whom are seasoned musicians with a wealth of experience under their respective belts. Haaland, for instance, has worked with American Idol Adam Lambert, while Kury played in Candlebox, and Argyropoulos worked with Pete Frampton and House of Heroes.
Music Style - Sons of Silver derive inspiration from classic rock and punk with new age twists; Their music is an opus that emulates the frisky exuberance of punk rock incarnate, melded together with the raw power and bluesy emotion of classic rock. Their music style is a peculiar blend of two prevalent genres, and they have created a polished, modern sound that stands out in a landscape of pseudorock bands.
Best Songs - One of Sons of Silver's finest creations is the song Turning of the Tide, which exudes rock swagger that kicks you into high gear with hard-hitting riffs and explosive progressions; another masterpiece worth mentioning is Rude Awakening, characterized by soaring guitar licks and infectious melodies. However, there is so much more to Sons of Silver than these two examples. Their entire debut album is packed with engaging hits that stick with you long after the last chord resounds.
Famous Concerts - Sons of Silver did some concerts prior to the Pandemic. Their performances at iconic landmarks like The Troubadour and Viper Room, among others, have helped raise their profile and build their reputation as an up-and-coming rock band. Their concerts have a vibrant atmosphere, making it easy for their fans to feel the rock and roll vibe, and they always put on a show that encapsulates the spirit of raw, raucous rock and roll.
Critique - Sons of Silver is a sensational rock band that is definitely worth listening to. They have their unique musical style, which sets them apart from other bands. Their sound is modern and vibrant, razor-sharp lyrics, with a fresh, innovative mixture of old and new elements added together to form an exceptional sonic tapestry. The combination of classic rock and punk with a modern twist is a recipe for success, and Sons of Silver pull it off magnificently.
In conclusion, lovers of classic rock and contemporary music will appreciate the music of Sons of Silver. This band has a fantastic sound, excellent lyrics, and an incredible live performance that gets their fans dancing. This rock band will elevate your playlist and undoubtedly earn a spot on your favorites; there's enough on their debut album to last a while. They certainly have a bright future, and we look forward to seeing what the band will do next.


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