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The Church

The Church, an Australian alternative rock band, formed in Sydney in 1980. Initially associated with new wave, neo-psychedelia and indie rock, their music later came to feature slower tempos and surreal soundscapes reminiscent of dream pop and post-rock.
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2014: ''Further/Deeper''
2009: ''Untitled #23'' listen full album
2007: ''El Momento Siguiente''
2006: ''Uninvited, Like the Clouds''
2005: ''Back With Two Beasts'' listen full album
2004: ''El Momento Descuidado''
2003: ''Forget Yourself'' listen full album
2002: ''After Everything Now This''
2002: ''Parallel Universe''
1999: ''A Box of Birds''
1998: ''Hologram of Baal'' listen full album
1996: ''Magician Among the Spirits''
1994: ''Sometime Anywhere''
1991: ''A Quick Smoke at Spot's''
1990: ''Gold Afternoon Fix''
1988: ''Conception''
1988: ''Starfish'' listen full album
1985: ''Heyday''
1983: ''Seance''
1982: ''The Blurred Crusade'' listen full album
1981: ''Of Skins and Heart''