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Underground Solution

The musical genius of the group known as the Underground Solution has gone down in history. They burst onto the music scene with their unique sound, captivating listeners all over the world. Their impressive repertoire boasts many classic and beloved songs that have set standards and inspired artists to come. Their albums have each achieved countless successes and are routinely featured on critical Best Of lists highlighting some of the greatest releases across time.
Introduction to Underground Solution – The Musical Genius of New York
Underground Solution is a legendary musical group, formed in the late 80s in New York City. Known for their music anonymity, this group, whose members remain unnamed, has made groundbreaking contributions to House and Dance music genres. Their music has been widely influential in the club scene and continues to be relevant even today. Let’s delve deeper into Underground Solution’s biography, music genre, and best creations.
Underground Solution was created by a group of DJs in New York City, who wanted to experiment with different sounds and styles. They soon became known for their innovative dance tracks, which quickly gained popularity in clubs across the city. Their first single, 'Luv Dancin', became an instant hit and is now considered a classic of House music.
The group's sound is based on a mix of deep house, acid house, and techno, all blended together to create a unique and revolutionary sound. They are also known for infusing various cultural influences into their music, which range from African drum beats to Latin rhythms.
Underground Solution has released several albums over the years, but their most famous work is their 1991 album, 'Deep Inside.' This record features some of their most iconic tracks like 'I Need You' and 'Feels So Good.' Their music is characterized by its epic grooves, sweeping synths, and uplifting melodies that are sure to get any party started.
Their performances, too, are nothing short of legendary. They have played at some of the biggest clubs and festivals across the world, from New York to London to Tokyo. Their concerts are known for their high-energy sets, insane lighting, and insane DJ skills.
Underground Solution's music has gained critical acclaim all over the world. They have been nominated for multiple awards and have been featured in several publications, including Rolling Stone and Mixmag. Critics have praised their music for its inventive use of samples, its attention to detail and its ability to create an atmosphere in which people can let go and dance.
In conclusion, there is no denying that Underground Solution is a musical genius. Their unique sound and approach to music have made them one of the most influential musical groups of the past few decades. Their music continues to inspire and influence new generations of musicians and music lovers. For anyone looking to explore the world of underground dance music, Underground Solution is a great place to start. They are truly the epitome of what great music can be.


1 - Luv Dancin'
2 - Moving underground
3 - Afterthought
4 - Get Happy
5 - Tears
6 - Paradise
7 - Deep In My Mind
8 - Luv Dancin' - In Deep Mix
9 - Luv Dancin' (egotrip Mix)
10 - Luv Dancin' (extended Vocal)
1998: Tears