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Vex'd are a British Dubstep duo signed to Planet Mu Records consisting of Jamie Teasdale and Roly Porter.
Vex'd: The Explosive Duo That Redefined Dubstep
Throughout the years, the music industry has undergone significant changes, as different artists bring in new sounds and redefine genres. Among the influential artists who shaped the music scene to create something unique is Vex'd, an electronic music duo that dominated dubstep. Vex'd, made up of Jamie Teasdale and Roly Porter, came into the picture in 2004 and quickly took over the bass music universe, grabbing the attention of many music listeners and festival-goers across the globe. Let's dive deeper into their musical biography, genre, and famous songs, as well as their legacies and performances.
Musical Biography: Vex'd was formed amid a thriving music scene that had incorporated different genres such as dub, dub reggae, and drum and bass. The duo met while studying at the prestigious Durham University, and they quickly bonded over their love for experimental music. At the time, they were better known under their individual stage names, Kuedo (Jamie Teasdale) and Roly Porter (Roly Porter). The pair quickly started working together and released their debut album called degenerate in 2005, which was an instant hit. This success encouraged the duo to continue producing music together, and they released several more albums, including Cloud Seed, Killing Floor, and Brownout. Vex'd became a driving force for bass-centric music, influencing dubstep in ways it had never been done before.
Music Genre: Vex'd worked across genres with beats ranging from stepping dub, broken-beat, and industrial dub. However, their primary focus was on the then-emerging underground genre - dubstep. In particular, they took the genre to the next level by adding more noise, dark soundscapes, and industrial touches, which eventually became their trademark sound. Vex'd's tracks had a unique, grimey, and dark edge that quickly grabbed the attention of fans who admired the experimental music they created. Vex'd combined bass music with industrial noise and dub, leading to a fresh, raw, and menacing sound that became popular among bassheads and dubstep enthusiasts.
Best Songs: Vex'd has produced many fantastic, high-energy tunes that have become anthems in the dubstep world. Among the unforgettable tracks created by the duo are 3rd Choice, Gunman, Angels, and Bombardment of Saturn, each demonstrating their unique darkstep sound. Some of their notable works also included remixes of tracks by other artists such as Dive by Boxcutter and Blessed by Kode9. The duo's music became known for its intensity and depth, with the way they used bass and percussion to create an immersive experience for listeners.
Famous Concerts and a Critic: Vex'd's music and live shows captured and captivated fans from left, right, and center with its uncompromising sound and enigmatic performance. Their live shows were known and respected for being a sensory feast, evoking varying emotions, being a truly unforgettable experience. Their shows were known for their intensity, energy, and immersive experience, entrenching the audience in their music's dark and dismal soundscapes. They also performed in different prominent festivals worldwide, including Sonar, Bloc, and Outlook Festival. The duo's production skills and prowess, combining bass, jungle, and dubstep, were the foundation of their legendary performances.
Vex'd and their music have had a significant impact on the dubstep universe worldwide. Their creative approach to music and production has paved the way for newer artists, and their unique sound continues to influence electronic music today. Vex'd's music captured the essence of the underground dubstep scene and turned it into a powerful force that touched many people's hearts. Their legacy as a duo whose hard-hitting beats still arrest the audience and their masterful production cannot be overstated, Vex'd remains the explosive duo that redefined dubstep, and through their music, their memory will be forever etched in our hearts.


1 - Killing Floor
2 - Heart Space (feat. Anneka)
3 - Thunder
4 - Remains Of The Day
5 - Out Of The Hills
6 - Fire
7 - Pop Pop V.I.P.
8 - Crusher Dub
9 - Angels
10 - Cold
11 - Gunman
12 - Corridor
13 - Venus
14 - Ghost
15 - Lion
16 - Smart Bomb
17 - Lion Vip
18 - Shinju Bridge
19 - Slime
20 - Slug Trawl Depths
21 - Destruction
22 - Oceans
23 - Canyon
24 - Pop Pop
25 - Bombardment Of Saturn
26 - Nails
27 - Killing Floor (mah Mix)
28 - 3rd Choice
29 - Fallen (vex'd Remix - Original By Distance)
30 - Suite For Piano & Electronics (vex'd Remix - Original By John Richards)
31 - 3rd Choice (loefah Remix)
32 - String Quartet No.2 (vex'd Remix - Original By Gabriel Prokofiev)
33 - Bar Kimura (jamie Vex'd Remix - Original By Plaid)
34 - Disposition
35 - Function
2010: Cloud Seed
2005: Degenerate