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From EDM scene hailing protohype artist possess remarkable skill fused with bold expression, defying the traditional. They delve deep in the annals of music heritage and actively research interpretive pathways that breaths life into an old artistry yet charged wîth new wave energy. Endowed with powerful records and ground breaking albums these mavericks are celebrated for their distinct sound that prove to be universally danceable - identified for its energetic vibrancy, introspective mayhem and enlightening musical anecdotes.
Exploring Protohype: A Musician Worth Listening To
Protohype is one of those artists whose music you can't help but groove to. This Los Angeles-based artist has been creating waves in the music industry since the early 2010s. Founded by Max Hype, this talented musician has captivated audiences with his musical style that blends together different genres.
From dubstep to hip-hop, Protohype has consistently delivered tracks that leave people wanting more. In this article, we will explore Protohype's musical biography, best songs, music genre, famous events, and a critical review of this artist.
Protohype's musical style is unlike anything else in the music industry today. His fans truly believe that his music comes from another dimension, as his tracks are always exciting and captivating. Hype has been creating music since 2011 when he released his iconic EP titled The Protohype. It was this release that put him on the map for many music-lovers around the world.
These EPs marked a new era in the world of electronic dance music (EDM). Though some of his most excellent releases include Stand Alone Complex EP, Encore EP, and The Doghouse EP. Protohype's music is known for its heavy bass, and that has been his signature sound throughout his career. The artist doesn't shy away from experimenting and has taken his fans on a journey with his diverse sound.
When it comes to the genre, Protohype is primarily known for his dubstep tracks. Still, he has proven that he's not just limited to one genre. His music is heavily influenced by hip-hop, reggae, and punk music, with a mix of electronic elements. This unique blend makes for an unfamiliar yet irresistible sound.
Talking of his best songs, Protohype has consistently delivered hits throughout his career. Among the classic favorites are Problematic and Bad Bitches. Also, check out See No Evil, which is one of his newest tracks and has an addictive beat that will keep you moving from start to finish.
Protohype has performed at several music festivals and events, including the iconic Electric Daisy Carnival and Coachella. His live performances are an experience in itself. His bass-heavy music combined with stunning visuals enthralls audiences. However, his fans worldwide were heartbroken when he announced that he would be taking a step back from his music to focus on his personal life.
Critics of Protohype say that his music is repetitive and lacks depth. Some think that his tracks have a similar sound and that he should try to push himself creatively. However, many more fans appreciate his signature sound and find his music incredibly catchy. Ultimately, though it's subjective, it's clear that Protohype has built a loyal fanbase that loves and respects his music.
There’s no denying that Protohype's music is worth listening to. This artist has managed to redefine the boundaries of electronic dance music, incorporating various genres so effortlessly. From his earliest releases to his new tracks, Protohype has shown time and time again that he’s a musical genius. Though he may be on a break from making music now, his contribution to the music world is undeniable. If you haven’t already, give Protohype a listen and be transported to another dimension.
1 - Space Ranger
2 - Encore (feat. Ras)
3 - Jelly Roll
4 - Downfall
5 - Turn The Bass Up
6 - Ambush
7 - Fly
8 - Shatter
9 - Kronic
10 - Memoirs
11 - Zero
12 - Cutless
13 - Wubwubwub
14 - Menace
15 - Fungus
16 - Clap
17 - Recon
18 - Blink (feat. Aislinn Martin) - Crystal Skies Remix
19 - Made It Home
20 - Bop Bop
21 - Candy Paint
22 - Livin' It (feat. Micah Martin)
23 - Stfu
24 - Knuckles
25 - Blink (feat. Aislinn Martin)
26 - Like This
27 - Bright Side
2014: Fungus