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Martin Knowles, better known by his stage name Emalkay, is an English dubstep producer and DJ from Birmingham.
Emalkay: The Dubstep Pioneer You Should Know About
Electronic dance music (EDM) is a complex genre that has continued to evolve over the years. Dubstep in particular, is an offspring of EDM that has been rapidly gaining more listenership and prominence in the music scene. One of the respected pioneers in the genre is Emalkay, a British artist who has been leaving his mark on the scene since the mid-2000s. In this article, we will take a closer look at Emalkay’s musical biography, his best songs, music genre, famous concerts, and a critical review on his style and artistry.
Emalkay, whose real name is Martin Knowles, started his career in music production in 2000. After being introduced to dubstep, he no longer felt connected to the drum and bass beats he had initially been experimenting with. He started creating aggressive and heavy dubstep beats with a unique twist that sets him apart from other producers. His debut single, Frequency, was released in 2006 and quickly caught the attention of prominent DJs including Rusko and DJ Hatcha.
Emalkay’s music genre can be best described as a fusion between dubstep, grime, drum and bass, and UK garage. His early releases, such as When I Look At You and Heroes showcase his aggressive sound and his ability to create a balance of dark and uplifting elements in his music. He later evolved further with more experimental sounds that feature wobbly basslines, hard-hitting drums, and wonky melodies. His versatility in crossing genres is evident in songs like For the People and True Romance.
When it comes to Emalkay’s best songs, there are a few that stand out such as When I Look At You, Fabrication, When I Look At You, and Crusader. When I Look At You is without a doubt his breakthrough song. It impacted the dubstep scene massively in 2009 and cemented his status as a dubstep superstar. The song samples the theme from the horror movie Halloween and incorporates it into a heavy dubstep bassline. Fabrication is another popular track from Emalkay and features his signature erratic and heavy production style.
Emalkay's live shows are an immersive experience that transcends his recorded music. His dynamic and energetic performances have thrilled audiences at prominent venues and events around the world, such as the Electric Daisy Carnival, Miami Music Week, and Shambhala Music Festival. His fans describe his shows as euphoria-inducing, leaving them sweaty and breathless, after a night of intense dancing.
A critical review of Emalkay’s style and artistry would suggest that he has contributed immensely to the growth of dubstep as a genre. He has been able to exemplify the mid-range characteristics of dubstep while adding his own unique twists to the mix. His production technique is more experimental than most dubstep artists, which adds to his level of versatility in crossing multiple genres. However, some critics have also argued that his music can sometimes lack soul and depth, particularly when compared to other pioneers in the genre such as Skream or Benga.
In summary, Emalkay is one of the few artists who has been able to remain relevant in the constantly evolving world of electronic music. His signature sound, aggressive production style, and experimental approach have made him a favorite among many fans of dubstep music. With a career that spans over a decade, Emalkay has released numerous hits and performed in famous venues around the world. While opinions about him may differ among critics, there is no doubt that he has left his mark on the dubstep genre and will continue to do so in the coming years.



The Musical Biography of Emalkay: From Beginnings to Fame

Music is a universal language that unites people of different backgrounds and cultures. It is the melody, harmonies, and rhythms that can touch our souls and move us in ways we didn't know were possible. One of the musicians who truly understands the power of music is Emalkay. In this article, we will explore his musical journey, from his humble beginnings to his most famous albums and songs. Join me as we delve into the world of Emalkay, his style, and influences.

Emalkay, born Martin Knowles, grew up in a musical family in Birmingham, England, with his mother playing the guitar and his father playing the saxophone. Martin's passion for music began at a young age, listening to his parent's vinyl records. He was particularly interested in electronic music, which kept evolving, and he decided to focus on producing it. Emalkay started producing music in 2003 inspired by artists such as The Prodigy, Daft Punk, and Aphex Twin. He bought himself a few pieces of equipment and began experimenting with different sounds and styles.

After years of honing his craft, Emalkay's music caught the attention of Dub Police Records in 2008, and he signed with them. His first single on the label, Explicit/When I Look At You, was a hit and gained widespread recognition in the dubstep scene. His 2010 debut album, Eclipse, was a huge success, reaching number 22 in the UK dance chart. It showcased his signature sound, a combination of heavy bass, catchy melodies, and intricate rhythms. The album featured some of his most popular tracks, including Crusader, Flesh & Bone, and True Romance.

One of Emalkay's most famous songs is When I Look At You. It is a dancefloor anthem that has become a classic in the dubstep genre. The song starts with a beautiful piano melody before dropping into an explosive bassline accompanied by electro synths. It is impossible to stand still when this song comes on, and its energy can electrify any crowd. Another standout track is Fabrication, released in 2012. This track received critical acclaim and cemented Emalkay's position as one of the top producers in the dubstep scene. It features a hypnotic vocal sample layered over a pulsating bassline, creating an infectious groove that keeps the listener engaged from start to finish.

Emalkay's musical style is a blend of many genres, such as dubstep, electro, and jungle, among others. What sets his sound apart from other artists is how he fuses different styles seamlessly, creating a unique and distinct sound. Emalkay draws inspiration from various sources, including video games, movies, and books. He believes that music should be emotive and powerful, engaging listeners on an emotional level.

In conclusion, Emalkay is a force to be reckoned with in the world of electronic music. His music has the power to move and inspire people from all over the world, and his influence on the dubstep genre is undeniable. He has come a long way from his early days experimenting with different sounds to achieving worldwide recognition and success. Emalkay is a true artist who is passionate about music and the emotions it can evoke. We can't wait to see what he has in store for us in the future.
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1 - Flesh & Bone Feat. Rod Azlan
2 - When I Look At You (sduk Remix)
3 - Frequency
4 - A.G.S.
5 - When I Look At You
6 - Bring It Down
7 - Crusader
8 - Tell Me
9 - Tell Me - Rogue Remix
10 - Power Tool
11 - For The People
12 - Critical Hit
13 - Fabrication
14 - Explicit
15 - Transpose
16 - Mecha
17 - Metropolis
18 - Heroics
19 - Massive
20 - Solid State
21 - Space Hopper
22 - Gut Feeling
23 - True Romance
24 - Crunk In Space
25 - Bats In The Belfry
26 - My Story
27 - Super Duper
28 - The Rogue
29 - Weapons Of Mass (exclusive Bonus Track)
30 - Keep Goin On
31 - Stinger
32 - Monsters
33 - Sector 187
34 - Flesh & Bone
35 - Overflow
36 - The World
37 - Why Don't I Like You
38 - Missile
39 - Battle Suit
40 - Road Grit
41 - Angie Got Stoned - My Nu Leng Remix
2011: Eclipse