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Excision & Datsik


Excision and Datsik, two of the top EDM artists of the past decade, have created a legacy in the music world with hit songs and celebrated albums. This dynamic duo first connected in 2008 and have since skyrocketed to global recognition amongst bass music fans around the world. Continuing to thrive after a few successful years experimenting in sound design and genre-fusion, Excision & Datsik’s breakthrough moment came when they released multiple singles between 2012 and 2014 that sent shockwaves through international concert venues. Their fateful run of hits became lasting entries on bassbucket playlists everywhere – from apocalyptic headbangers like “Swagga VIP” to super sized trowback party bangers like “Buzzkill.”  The riveting blend of progressive dubstep fused tightly with crunchy electro banger vibes created a striking atmosphere far as intense as it was mesmerizing. Complemented with visually captivating Festival shows followed by elaborate album releases such as 2017’s Master Of Shadows, Raising The Bar and Nightshade respectivelly; Excision & Datsik's long career shows no sign of lessening any time soon! They remain an extraordinary force pairing gritty dubstep production techniques with theatrical performances few can forget anytime soon.
Excision & Datsik: The Dynamic Duo of Dubstep
The world of electronic dance music (EDM) has seen a tremendous rise in popularity over the last decade and dubstep has been at the forefront of it all. Two names that have stood out and been synonymous with the genre are Excision and Datsik. The Canadian producers have been putting out some of the hardest-hitting dubstep tracks since the early 2010s. In this article, we’ll explore the musical biography, best songs, and a famous concert of this dynamic duo as well as provide a brief critique of their work.
Excision and Datsik both hail from Canada and have been active in the music industry since the mid-2000s. They have been working independently on their projects and saw their musical careers take off after they collaborated on Swagga in 2009. Excision, whose real name is Jeff Abel, has been credited with the creation of the dubstep armageddon sound. Datsik, whose real name is Troy Beetles, has received acclaim for the hard-hitting drops and killer melodies he brings to the table.
Their work has made it onto the dubstep charts with hits like Boom and Vindicate. Some of their best songs include Deviance, Scum, and Firepower. The tracks are known for their heavy bass and drops that make the crowd go wild. They have evolved their style over the years, experimenting with other genres like drum and bass, but have remained true to their dubstep roots.
One concert that will always be remembered was their collaborative Shambhala 2013 set. This set was packed with 90 minutes of the hardest dubstep tracks of the time, showcasing their ability to create a seamless and energy-packed performance. They played joint tracks like Swagga and Vindicate along with individual tracks like Excision's The Paradox and Datsik's Nuke 'Em.
Despite their success in the music industry, they have faced some criticism over the years. Some have accused them of staying within their comfort zones and not exploring their overall creative potential. Their sets tend to rely heavily on high-energy dubstep and may not be accessible to all music listeners. However, their true fans appreciate their signature sound and can always be found at their shows, fully immersed in the hard-hitting beats.
Excision and Datsik are two of the most prominent dubstep artists in the industry, creating a sound that has defined the genre for the better part of the past decade. They have collaborated on tracks that are still being played to this day and have put on some of the most memorable live performances. Regardless of any criticism that may come their way, they continue to attract a committed fan base who appreciates their music and high-energy performances.

The Rise of Excision & Datsik: A Musical Biography

If you're a fan of heavy dubstep and bass music, then you've probably heard of Excision and Datsik. These Canadian producers have made a name for themselves in the electronic music scene with their hard-hitting beats and unique sound. But how did they get their start? In this article, we'll take a deep dive into the musical biography of Excision & Datsik, from their beginnings to their most famous albums and songs.

Excision, real name Jeff Abel, was born in British Columbia, Canada in 1986. He first started producing music in the early 2000s, experimenting with various genres before settling on dubstep. He gained recognition in the dubstep community in 2009 with his hit track Wasteland and cemented his place in the scene with the release of his debut album, X Rated, in 2011. The album features some of his most famous tracks such as The Paradox and Sleepless and solidified his reputation as one of the top dubstep producers in the world.

Datsik, real name Troy Beetles, was also born in British Columbia, Canada in 1988. He started producing dubstep in 2009 and quickly rose to prominence with his unique blend of heavy bass and hip-hop influences. He released his debut album, Vitamin D, in 2012, which features collaborations with artists like Excision and Downlink. Datsik's most famous tracks include Katana and Nuke 'Em, both of which showcase his signature style.

Both Excision and Datsik have been heavily influenced by heavy metal, which is evident in their use of distorted guitar samples and aggressive basslines. They've also collaborated with metal bands such as Korn and have played at festivals like Rock on the Range. Their live performances are known for their intense visuals and bass-heavy sound, making them a must-see for any fan of EDM.

In recent years, both Excision and Datsik have faced controversy and backlash due to allegations of sexual misconduct. Datsik was accused of sexual assault in 2018 and has since stepped away from the music scene. Excision has faced similar accusations but has denied any wrongdoing. Despite the controversies, their music continues to inspire and resonate with fans around the world.

The rise of Excision and Datsik in the electronic music scene is a testament to their talent and passion for music. Their unique style and heavy basslines have captured the attention of fans around the world and cemented their place in the dubstep community. While their personal lives have been marred by controversy, their music remains a source of inspiration for many music listeners. As we look to the future of dubstep and bass music, it's clear that Excision and Datsik have left a lasting impact on the genre.
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Excision & Datsik: The Pros and Cons of their Bass-heavy Beats

When it comes to electronic, dubstep, and other bass-heavy music styles, Excision & Datsik have been fan favorites for years. Not only are these two artists incredibly influential in their genres of choice; pushing boundaries with their experimental soundscapes and boundary-breaking ideas, but they’ve also achieved commercial success by crossing over into the EDM mainstream. With an impressive list of collaborations and solo releases under both of their belts, there is no denying that Excision & Datsik have had a massive impact on modern dance music culture around the world. On one hand, however, critics may point out that not all of the duo's material meets a certain level or consistency — as some tunes tend to sound more generic than others — while fans may praise them for always creating completely unique sounds across all corners within their vast musical landscapes. So let's explore both sides: what can we criticize Excision & Datsik for while still giving them credit where it’s due?

When it comes to electronic, dubstep, and other bass-heavy music styles, Excision & Datsik have been fan favorites for years. These two artists are an exceptional example of the power of bass-heavy music in the dance music world. They have succeeded in creating experimental soundscapes that push the limits of what’s possible in their respective genres. With highly successful solo releases and exciting collaborations, their work has had a massive impact on the modern dance music culture worldwide. However, while fans may adore them for always creating unique sounds, critics point out that not all of their material meets a certain level or consistency. Therefore, in this article, let's explore both the pros and cons of these artists and give them credit where it’s due.

One factor often criticized by listeners is the level of their consistency. With music that is so heavily focused on sound design and production, it's natural that not every tune will be a hit. Although when it comes to Excision & Datsik, they have a reputation for providing a few misses alongside with their hundreds of incredible tracks. Occasionally, their beats can sound rather generic to some listeners, but to others - it's often interpreted as keeping their music fresh by experimenting with new sounds. As seen in their collaborations, their styles vary and shows that they’re not a one-trick pony.

Another criticism is that these artists share a similar style, and it's easy for their work to blend together. Critics say there is a lack of variety in their music, which seems repetitive. While that may be a valid criticism, the duo is continuously expanding their music. With significant releases such as Excision’s album Virus and Datsik’s Cold Blooded album, they’ve been experimenting and stepping out of their traditional styles. Thus, they are becoming more versatile in their music, which could tackle this issue.

However, one thing that both fans and critics can agree on is the unparalleled energy that these artists bring to their live performances. The Excision’s Executioner stage setup is one of the most elaborate and mind-blowing concerts in the electronic music realm. On the other hand, Datsik’s sound design, accompanied by his surreal visuals is equally impressive. Their live shows are where they shine the most, and it makes their performances worth experiencing in person.

It's essential also to highlight that the duo's impact goes beyond the music they produce. They’ve been significant in moving their sub-genre to the mainstream audience. They’ve been able to achieve commercial success by winning over new fans, while still staying true to their original fans. This ability can result in bringing fans from other genres into bass-heavy music, exposing more people to the music they love.

In conclusion, Excision & Datsik are prominent pioneers in the electronic and dubstep music scene, and their influence on modern dance music culture is undeniable. Despite criticisms of a lack of consistency and variety in their music, these two continue to experiment and push the boundaries of their styles. While it's valid that they may not be everyone's taste, they have a special place in the music industry, and their live shows are a definite must-see. Ultimately, they have paved the way for the growth of bass-heavy music and have been making the genre accessible to many who might not have given it a chance before. Therefore, let’s give Excision & Datsik credit where it’s due while being mindful of their room for growth.
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1 - Calypso
2 - A Millie (remix)
3 - Swagga (downlink Remix)
4 - Invaders
5 - Swagga (datsik's Trap Vip)