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Wolf Alice

Have you heard of Wolf Alice? They're one of those great bands that have had a massive impact on music history. Their albums range from classic punk rock to heartwarming folk songs, showcasing the incredible diversity of their sound. And let's not forget their dynamic live shows—some of the best I've ever seen! If you don't already, you should definitely give 'em a listen! With top hits, like Don't Delete the Kisses and Yuk Foo, and milestone albums like My Love is Cool, these guys are sure to put a smile on your face.



The Pros and Cons of Being a Wolf Alice Fan

If you're someone who loves music, then you must have heard of British rock band Wolf Alice. From their memorable debut single “Fluffy” to their Grammy-nominated second album Visions of a Life, Wolf Alice has made quite an impression on the music scene in recent years. But as with any artist or band, there are some things about them that make fans turn up their noses, while others adore them outrightly. In this blog post we'll be exploring both the positive and negative sides of being a Wolf Alice fan – so whether you love them or hate them, hopefully by the end of it you can understand why everyone is always talking about this foursome!

If you're a music lover, chances are you've heard of the British rock band Wolf Alice. The four-piece has become quite the sensation in recent years, thanks to their unique sound and visually stunning music videos. But like any other band, Wolf Alice has a loyal following of fans who adore them, as well as some detractors who criticize their music. In this post, we're going to explore both the positives and negatives of being a Wolf Alice fan, so you can decide whether or not they're the band for you.

Pros of Being a Wolf Alice Fan:

1. A Unique Sound

Wolf Alice's music is hard to classify. They're part grunge, part indie, part alternative, and part shoegaze. Their sound is not only unique but also constantly evolving. With each new album, they experiment with new styles, sounds, and themes. So, if you're looking for a band that dares to be different, then Wolf Alice might just be for you.

2. Strong Lyrics

One of the best things about Wolf Alice's music is their poignant and well-crafted lyrics. From exploring themes of teenage angst and anxiety to societal pressures and the impermanence of life, the band's lyrics are both relatable and thought-provoking. Listening to their music is like receiving an emotional catharsis.

3. Powerful and Energetic Live Shows

Live performances are where Wolf Alice truly shines. Their concerts are raw, exciting, and full of energy. They put on a genuine show, and their dynamic chemistry is palpable, making for a memorable experience every time.

Cons of Being a Wolf Alice Fan:

1. Over-Saturation

In this digital age, music is everywhere, and so is the buzz about Wolf Alice. While it's great that the band has garnered so much attention, the constant adoration can be overwhelming. Some fans might feel like they're being force-fed or that they can't escape the hype.

2. Experimental Sound

While the uniqueness of Wolf Alice's music can be a draw for some fans, it can also be a turn-off for others who prefer more straightforward and accessible music. Because the band is experimental, some of their songs can be polarizing, with many fans and critics not agreeing on what works and what doesn't.

3. Inconsistent Songwriting

Wolf Alice's discography is a mixed bag when it comes to consistency. While many of their songs hit the mark, there are also some that fall flat, with lackluster riffs and forgettable lyrics. This inconsistency might frustrate fans looking for more cohesion from their favorite band.

So, is being a Wolf Alice fan worth it? That's up to you to decide. Like every band, they have their positives and negatives. Their sound is unique and their lyrics powerful, but they're also experimental and can be over-hyped. Ultimately, it comes down to your preference in music. If you enjoy Wolf Alice's sound and don't mind the occasional dud track, then they might just be the band for you. But if you prefer more predictable, straightforward music, then they might not be your cup of tea. Either way, the band's rise to stardom is impressive, and they're a great example of how music can be both innovative and powerful.
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1 - Bros
2 - Moaning Lisa Smile
3 - Giant Peach
4 - Blush
5 - Fluffy
6 - She
7 - Heavenly Creatures
8 - Storms
9 - 90 Mile Beach
10 - We're Not The Same
11 - Yuk Foo
12 - Lisbon
13 - Freazy
14 - Beautifully Unconventional
15 - Silk
16 - Space & Time
17 - Don't Delete The Kisses
18 - Your Loves Whore
19 - Turn To Dust
20 - Heavenward
21 - You're A Germ
22 - Formidable Cool
23 - Planet Hunter
24 - Swallowtail
25 - Soapy Water
26 - Space & Time
27 - Sadboy
28 - Sky Musings
29 - You’re A Germ
30 - Visions Of A Life
31 - The Wonderwhy (hidden Track)
32 - St. Purple & Green
33 - After The Zero Hour
34 - Nosedive
35 - White Leather
36 - We're Not The Same
37 - Every Cloud
38 - Song To The Siren - Recorded At Strongroom Studios, London
39 - Leaving You
40 - I Saw You (in A Corridor)
41 - Baby Ain't Made Of China
42 - Formidable Cool - Edit
43 - Ghoster
44 - Santa Baby - Recorded At Strongroom Studios, London
45 - Wicked Game (live From Spotify London)
46 - The Last Man On Earth
47 - Good Riddance (time Of Your Life) (green Day Cover)
48 - Smile
49 - No Hard Feelings
50 - The Last Man On Earth (lullaby Version)
51 - How Can I Make It Ok?