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Becoming the Archetype


Becoming the Archetype is an American Christian technical death metal band signed to Solid State Records and Century Media Records (Europe) formed in 1999 in Dacula, Georgia.
Becoming the Archetype: The Musical Journey of Their Legacy
Becoming the Archetype (BTA) is a Georgia-based heavy metal band known to break musical barriers. The band was formed in 1999, initially started as a side project of the guitarist, Jason Wisdom, and later incorporated members such as Seth Hecox (vocals), Alex Kenis (guitar), Jazon Dicken (bass), and Brent Duckett (percussionist). BTA's music is different and unique, infused with death metal, progressive metal, metalcore, and symphonic metal. Their lyrics are meaningful, infused with themes about salvation, faith, religion, and inner struggles, making them more than just a regular metal band. Their music goes deeper to influence a new generation of listeners.
Becoming the Archetype's musical career spans two decades, with the band releasing six full-length albums, three EPs, and two singles. Their music has grown and evolved over the years, which is evident in each album's sound. Their debut album, Terminate Damnation, released in 2005, showcases their early death metal sound and extreme metal vocals. The following album, The Physics of Fire, released in 2007, demonstrated their musical skills and songwriting abilities. Dichotomy, released in 2008, showed their evolution into a progressive metal band, incorporating symphonic elements and multi-layered vocal harmonies. I Am, released in 2012, fused all elements that BTA had been working on for the past decade to create a masterpiece of metal music. Celestial Completion, released in 2011, showcased BTA's creativity with various musical styles, from symphonic to electronic, to create their sound. Finally, their final album released in 2014, titled, I Am Part II: Eternal Reign, is a sequel to their 2012 album I AM, showcasing their final musical offerings.
BTA's songs are full of musical depth and creativity. Their lyrics are inspired by mythology, theology, and modern societal issues, with each song telling a particular story. Here are some of their most well-known songs: Mountain of Souls, Endure, Artificial Immortality, Dichotomy, The Sun Eater, The Time Bender, and The Sky Bearer. Each song offers an immersive musical journey and tells a compelling story.
In 2012, BTA performed in Leipzig, Germany, at the Full Metal Cruise, which had a notable influence on their final album. Their performance at the Full Metal Cruise was full of energy, with the band playing their most famous songs from their extensive musical catalog. BTA's music had an intense impact on the German heavy metal scene, with fans eagerly awaiting their every move.
Despite gaining wide popularity, their music is not without its critics, which is expected. Critics have criticized BTA's religious themes, while some have praised the band's musical innovation. However, it's essential to acknowledge that the group's music speaks to a unique audience that appreciates their style and message.
Becoming the Archetype leaves a musical legacy that will carry on beyond their final album. Their music is unique, infusing various metal genres, making it ever-evolving and changing. Their lyrics offer a deeper meaning than your average metal band, which resonates with listeners on a more personal level. It's impossible to talk about Becoming the Archetype without recognizing their contribution to the evolving heavy metal scene, and it's hard not to admire their creativity and talent as musicians. It's only fitting to give them their place in metal music history.
1 - Necrotizing Fasciitis
2 - Dichotomy
3 - How Great Thou Art
4 - Into Oblivion
5 - The Epigone
6 - One Man Parade
7 - Immolation
8 - Ex Nihilo
9 - Denouement
10 - Autopsy
11 - Beyond Adaptation
12 - Ransom
13 - March of the Dead
14 - Artificial Immortality
15 - Endure
16 - No Fall Too Far
17 - Mountain Of Souls
18 - The Monolith
19 - Night's Sorrow
20 - The Trivial Paroxysm
21 - End Of The Age
22 - Evil Unseen
23 - The Ocean Walker
24 - St. Anne's Lullaby
25 - Self Existent
26 - Construct And Collapse
27 - Deep Heaven
28 - The Magnetic Sky
29 - Second Death
30 - The Resonant Frequency Of Flesh
31 - Internal Illumination
32 - The Time Bender
33 - Path Of The Beam
34 - Nocturne (instrumental)
35 - The Eyes Of The Storm
36 - Invisible Creature
37 - Cardiac Rebellion
38 - The Sky Bearer
39 - Breathing Light
40 - The Machine Killer
41 - Reflect/refract
42 - The War Ender
43 - The Planet Maker
44 - The Weapon Breaker
45 - The Sun Eater
2012: I Am
2008: Dichotomy