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Ben Klock


Ben Klock (* 1972 in Berlin) ist ein deutscher Techno-Produzent und DJ. Ben Klock needs no introduction—the German DJ is cornerstones within the minimal electronic scene, having influenced it for more than two decades! His unique musical history transcends genres, drawing listeners in through their audio exploration of his best songs and albums. Whether remixing and producing for timeless techno icons or building his own presence up, Ben Klock has been the foundation of what people love in music. Constantly revisiting and reclaiming global hits and 80's classics, he's constructed a fully immersive realm that all audio lovers can enjoy. When reflecting on the lifespan of his career, fans strive to find new sound paths with every replay!
Exploring the Musical Journey of Ben Klock: A Master of Techno Music
Ben Klock is a German-born musician, producer, and DJ famously known for his dynamic and unique style of techno music. His artistry has made him a competitive player in the electronic dance music industry, having released various chart-topping tracks. In this article, we delve into the musical biography of Ben Klock, his best songs, music genre, famous concerts, and a critical review of his music.
Ben Klock's musical career began in his early twenties when he landed a residency behind the decks at Berghain, a famous techno club in Berlin. It was at Berghain that Ben's innovative mixing skills, untamed talent, and passion for techno music earned him a loyal fanbase. From 2005 till date, Ben Klock has graced the stage at various international festivals like the EXIT and the Awakenings.
Ben Klock's brand of techno music, infused with elements of dub, has given him an edge in the industry. His music is known for its hypnotic beats, seamless rhythm and basslines that will leave you swaying. Tracks like Grip, Subzero, and Glow are some of his best songs that have made him a force to reckon with in the music industry.
Speaking of famous performances, Ben Klock's set at Awakenings festival in 2013 still stands out in many listeners' minds. The festival not only had a lineup of famous DJs and techno artists but was also renowned for its impressive light shows. Ben Klock's set was the highlight of the night, accompanied by a breathtaking display of colored lights, lasers, and smoke that heightened the atmosphere of the festival.
In 2019, Ben Klock released a much anticipated album entitled Photon, which had a delicate balance of melody and hard-hitting techno beats. The album featured tracks like Twenty and The Tunnel that incorporated rich soundscapes generated by synthesizers. The album also showcased his versatility in music production and cemented his spot as one of the top techno artists worldwide.
Critical reviews from music critics have commended Ben Klock's ability to blend techno music with various sounds, especially dub. According to Mixmag, Ben Klock weaves together the relentlessly pumping techno with flickering melody and dubby undercurrents. His music is perfect for dancing and provides an otherworldly experience for techno fans.
The success and impact of Ben Klock on techno music cannot be overemphasized. His mastery of track selection and mixing techniques has earned him a spot as one of the most exciting techno DJs and producers. He has inspired a new generation of techno enthusiasts, and his creativity knows no bounds. Ben Klock's passion for producing and performing electronic music has left a lasting impact on the industry. He is the epitome of an artist who has achieved global recognition and fame through his undeniable talent.
Next Concert
2024-05-31 h: 23:59
Paris, France
1 - Subzero
2 - October
3 - Viscoplastic
4 - Frozen City
5 - Journey
6 - Big Time
7 - Red Alert
8 - Coney Island
9 - Point-blank
10 - Gloaming
11 - Cargo
12 - Earthquake
13 - Grip
14 - Gold Rush
15 - Check For Pulse
16 - Subzero - Original Mix
17 - Land Of Milk & Honey
18 - Underneath
19 - Init Two
20 - In A While
21 - Init One
22 - Similarity
23 - Compression Session 1
24 - Ok
25 - Thirteen Rounds
26 - Sirens
27 - Before One
28 - Napoleon Hill
29 - Warszawa
30 - Similar Colors
31 - Bear
32 - Tag Der Arbeit
33 - Radio City
34 - Czeslawa
35 - Wolf
36 - Arjuna
37 - Lumo
38 - Subzero (function-regis Remix)
39 - Invasion
40 - Goodly Sin (robert Hood Remix)
41 - Ok (kenny Larkin Remix)
42 - Static Test
43 - Check For Pulse - Original Mix
44 - Compression Session 2
45 - Before One - Original Mix
2009: One


Riverside Museum
Glasgow, UK
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2024-05-31 h: 23:59
Paris, France
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2024-06-29 h: 19:00
Berghain | Panorama Bar | Säule
Berlin, Germany
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Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
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Paradies Garten
Bruck an der Leitha, Austria
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