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Carmen Consoli

Carmen Consoli (Italian pronunciation: [ˈkarmeŋ ˈkɔnsoli]; born 4 September 1974 in Catania) is an Italian singer-songwriter.[1] She has released 11 studio albums, one greatest hits, one soundtrack album, two live albums, four video album and 33 singles, selling 2 million copies in Italy, certified by M&D and FIMI with a multiplatinum disc, 11 platinum and two gold certifications.
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2009: ''Elettra''
2006: ''Eva contro Eva''
2003: ''Carmen Consoli''
2002: ''L'eccezione''
2000: ''Stato di necessità''
1998: ''Mediamente isterica'' listen full album
1997: ''Confusa e felice''
1996: ''Due parole''