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Chon: The Musical Biography of a Guitar Virtuoso

If you are a music enthusiast, especially in the rock, jazz, and progressive genres, you have probably heard of or come across CHON. This four-piece band, formed in 2008 in San Diego, quickly rose to fame, thanks to their unique instrumental sound. The band comprises of brothers, Mario Camarena on guitar, Erick Hansel on bass, alongside Nathan Camarena on drums and Diego Diaz. If you are a lover of the guitar and fine music, read on for all you need to know about the musical biography of Chon, their beginnings, most famous albums, songs, and their unique blend of intricate sounds that keep their fans coming back for more.

Chon started in 2008 when the Camarena brothers began writing and recording their music in their family garage. They started playing local shows, mostly backyard shows in their neighborhood, Southern California. Like most young and upcoming bands, they struggled to get recognized but were always open to creating new sounds with their unique combination of musical influences. They took inspiration from musical genres like jazz, progressive rock, and fusion as well as bands such as Weather Report, The Police to name a few. Their first album, titled Newborn Sun, was recorded in 2013 and featured seven tracks, produced by Mario's brother, Erick Hansel. The album had an immediate impact and caught the attention of music critics and fans alike.

The following year, Chon released their second album, Growth, which is a more refined and sophisticated sound that showcases their growth and maturity as artists. It features the hit track, Bubble Dream, which gets your head nodding and your feet tapping. Grow established Chon's place in the music scene and became a fan favorite. They released their third album, Homey in 2017, which stepped away from their previous sound and veered more towards a lighter, almost experimental texture. The album sees Chon experimenting with softer sounds and more vocal-heavy tracks.

One of Chon's most famous songs, Nayhoo, features singer moe., this song further broadened their fan base and received high acclaim. It was followed by a collaboration with producer Lophiile on Peace & Love, a track that blends Chon's sound with electronic music. These collaborations show the diversity the band has in making music and incorporating different styles, making each of their releases something to look out for.

Chon's musical style can be described as a blend of progressive rock and jazz. As success came knocking on their door, CHON'S music became the perfect example of why not all musicians need lyrics to express themselves. Instead, they let the intricate sounds of their music do the talking. They dexterously maneuver their guitars through different stages to create their unique sound. Listening to CHON is a meditative experience that uses intricate guitar notes and rhythms to transmit feelings that cannot be put into words.

Chon is a modern example of a band that has shown the music industry its ability to stand out among the competition by creating innovative sounds that have captured our attention. Their journey got them through many challenges and their far-reaching fan base is proof of their hard work as artists. Chon's distinctive sound sets them apart, and their music's complexity is a testament to their passion as a band. This musical biography takes us through their emergence, all their albums, and highest-charting songs, but it is just the tip of the iceberg on what Chon as a band has to offer. Discover Chon's music and immerse yourself into their intricate world of sound.
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1 - Bubble Dream
2 - Suda
3 - Story
4 - Knot
5 - Perfect Pillow
6 - Fall
7 - Book
8 - Splash
9 - Sleepy Tea
10 - Drift
11 - Fluffy
12 - Puddle
13 - Echo
14 - Waterslide
15 - Moon
16 - Dew
17 - Potion
18 - Newborn Sun
19 - But
20 - Super Potion
21 - Sketch
22 - Ecco
23 - No Signal
24 - Dust
25 - Checkpoint
26 - Here And There
27 - The Space
28 - Continue?
29 - Wave Bounce
30 - Berry Streets (feat. Goyama)
31 - Across The Spectrum
32 - Elliptical Illuminations
33 - Mountains Of Creation
34 - Temporarily Destabilized
35 - Feel This Way (feat. Giraffage)
36 - Nayhoo (feat. Masego & Lophiile)
37 - Glitch (feat. Rom)
38 - Breathe
39 - Frosting
40 - If
41 - Pitch Dark
42 - Ghost
43 - Peace
44 - Petal
45 - Can't Wait
2019: Chon
2017: Homey
2015: Grow