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Exploring Clementino's Musical Journey - A Must-Read for Music Lovers
If you're a music enthusiast, it's rare that you haven't heard of Clementino - one of the most renowned rappers who has taken the Italian rap scene by storm. Hailing from Campania, Italy, Clementino has been crafting his music for over a decade. Unlike many famous musicians, Clementino's songs are not merely a medium for entertainment, but a powerful cultural and social commentary on struggles and issues in society. Let's take a closer look at this iconic rapper's musical journey and his best songs.
Clementino began his musical journey at the age of 16, inspired by the Golden Age of rap in the US. Clementino was so passionate about hip-hop that he quit school to focus on his music. He started uploading his songs to YouTube, and gradually, his music started gaining popularity. He participated in many rap battles, eventually winning the prestigious MTV Spit in 2013. His versatile style of music- incorporating a mix of traditional Neapolitan music, classical music, and underground rap- made him stand out from the crowd.
Clementino has released several well-known albums and singles in his career, but some of his best songs are Il Ragazzo Nel Blocco, Odio Gli Indifferenti, and Tarantelle Napoletane. His lyrics hold a powerful message that addresses common social issues like racism, immigration, and political instability. Famous for his ability to convey his message with impressive metaphors and wordplay, Clementino's lyrics are what set him apart.
Many of his concerts have made history, too. Living up to his name as one of the best performers in the scene, Clementino has had the privilege of performing in several iconic venues, including Teatro Trianon in Naples, the Alcatraz in Milan, and the Fillmore in San Francisco. Every Clementino concert is an experience in itself, with an electrifying atmosphere that leaves the attendees awe-struck.
When it comes to criticisms of Clementino's music, some argue that his songs are too political; others claim that his genre is too hybrid or unconventional. However, his supporters believe that it's precisely this political edge and innovative music style that make Clementino an excellent role model and a true artist.
In conclusion, Clementino has become a symbol of innovation, creativity, and political activism in the Italian music scene. His eclectic style of music, combined with his powerful lyrics, has made Clementino one of the most prominent names among Italian rappers. His concerts remain some of the most memorable music events in Italy, where he continues to attract thousands of fans. Now that you know more about this legendary rapper, why not discover his music and experience his electrifying concerts for yourself? Trust us, you won't be disappointed!
Next Concert
2024-06-28 h: 21:00
Waterfront - Porto Turistico
Bisceglie, Italy
1 - Cos Cos Cos
2 - Beh Fratello (e So' 10 Anni)
3 - Toxico
4 - Purple Haze
5 - La Mia Musica
6 - Passano Gli Anni
7 - Amsterdam
8 - Mea Culpa
9 - Fratello
10 - Pianoforte A Vela
11 - Giungla
12 - Lo Strano Caso Di Iena White
13 - Aquila Reale
14 - Fumo
15 - E Continuo A Camminare
16 - Tutti Scienziati
17 - Buenos Aires/napoli
18 - Sotto Le Stelle
19 - Alto Livello
20 - Questa Volta
21 - Strade Superstar
22 - Dalle Palazzine
23 - Don Raffaè
24 - Sei Come Sei
25 - Rovine
26 - Senza Pensieri
27 - Risata Di Una I.e.n.a.
28 - Che Hit
29 - Butterfly Effect
30 - Voceanima
31 - Funk E Therivati
32 - Clementonik
33 - Intro
34 - Finale Di Fuoco
35 - Quando Sono Lontano
36 - Joint
37 - Chi Vuole Essere Milionario? Ft. Fabri Fibra
38 - Versi Di Te
39 - Oracolo Del Sud
40 - Da Che Parte Stai?
41 - Tarantelle (che Ne Sarà Di Me)
42 - Babylon (feat. Caparezza)
43 - Alleluia (feat. Gemitaiz)
44 - Cenere
45 - Come Fa? (feat. Madman)
46 - Un Palmo Dal Cielo
47 - Mare Di Notte
48 - Ragazzi Fuori
49 - La Cosa Più Bella Che Ho
50 - Luna
51 - Gandhi
52 - Hola! (feat. Nayt)
53 - O' Vient
54 - Guardando La Luna (napoli Rmx)
2019: Tarantelle
2015: Miracolo!
2013: Mea Culpa
2011: I.e.n.a.


2024-06-28 h: 21:00
Waterfront - Porto Turistico
Bisceglie, Italy
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