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Clint Mansell

Clinton Darryl Mansell (/ˈmænsəl/; born 7 January 1963) is an English musician, singer, and composer. He served as the lead singer and multi-instrumentalist of alt-rock band Pop Will Eat Itself[1][2] before embarking on a career as a film score composer.
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1998: ''π: Music For The Motion Picture''
2000: ''Requiem For A Dream''
2002: ''Abandon''
2003: ''Sonny''
2005: ''Sahara''
2005: ''Doom''
2006: ''The Fountain''
2007: ''Smokin' Aces''
2008: ''Definitely, Maybe''
2009: ''Moon'' listen full album
2009: ''L'affaire Farewell''
2010: ''Faster: Music From The Motion Picture''
2010: ''Black Swan'' listen full album
2010: ''In The Wall''
2011: ''United''
2012: ''Last Night''
2013: ''Stoker''
2013: ''Filth''
2014: ''Noah: Music From The Motion Picture''