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Current Value

Current Value is an artist to watch. He is quickly making a mark in the expansive world of music with his impressive history and polished sound. His works combine subtle nuances and captivating arrangements, each composed in thoughtful regard of traditional backing bands and modern preferences. By mastering unique instrument variations within his pieces, he shows a distinct allure for creative production standards – echoing why audiences find value in Current Value’s catalogue of music. From best songs to key albums, it's evident that there's an undeniable range of quality available at the fingertips when choosing this master craftsman's works.



The Musical Biography of Current Value

If you're a fan of Drum and Bass music, you might be familiar with the name Current Value. Current Value is the stage name of Tim Eliot, who is a German producer, artist, and DJ in the world of Drum and Bass. He has been active in the music industry for more than two decades now, and over that time, he's garnered a significant following of music enthusiasts. In this blog post, we will take a look at Current Value's musical journey, his most famous albums and songs, and his musical style and influences.

Tim started his musical journey in the late 1990s and released his first album in 2004 titled 'Seeds Of Mutation'. Since then, he has been regularly releasing music albums, gaining more popularity in the Drum and Bass music scene. Some of his most remarkable albums are In a Far Future, Stay on This Planet, and Deadly Toys, which showcase his ability to produce a unique sound that is both futuristic and industrial. Current Value has released a vast amount of tracks with labels such as RAM Records, Critical Music, and Blackout Music, among others.

When it comes to his musical style, Current Value's music is typically categorized under Drum and Bass and Industrial. He utilizes harsh distortion and heavy bass notes to create his signature hard-hitting sound that resonates with Bass music enthusiasts. He is known for the highly complex rhythms and his unique ability to create music that pushes the boundaries of the genre. His style pulls inspiration from other genres like Dubstep and Techno, which adds a unique flavor to his music.

One of his most famous songs, Therapy, highlights his unique industrial sound design and his drum programming skills. The song features a combination of heavy bass and metallic synths in a well-balanced composition. The song ''Biocellulose'' is another masterpiece, featuring hypnotic beats and an eerie environment, showcasing the artist's signature sound in an entirely different dimension.

Current Value's musical journey has also included collaborations with other artists and musicians. His collaboration with another German Producer Phace produced the album Binary Vol.1. He has also produced remixes of tracks from prominent musicians like Bjork, Noisia, and Mob Tactics. He has also expanded his musical prowess to other genres, exploring genres like Dubstep, Experimental, and Techno.

In a world where EDM and electronic music is currently one of the most popular and dominant genres, it's easy to see why Tim Eliot, aka Current Value, is gaining in popularity with each passing year. The German producer has shown his unique talent for making diverse, groundbreaking music that continues to attract music enthusiasts from all over the world. With his signature sound and ability to push the boundaries of the genre, Current Value is undoubtedly one of the top producers in the world of Drum and Bass music. If you have not listened to his work, we highly recommend taking a listen to indulge yourself in this artist's incredible journey.
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1 - Dark Rain
2 - Grin
3 - Alpha State
4 - Ghost Rider
5 - Get On
6 - Stay on this Planet
7 - Prevision
8 - G2 Hunt
9 - Peace
10 - Twisted
11 - Elemental Mind
12 - Excellence
13 - Math
14 - Tunnel Vision
15 - PSI Investigation
16 - Empowered
17 - Nebular Mission
18 - Mind Bullet
19 - End of Days
20 - Rememberance
21 - Faith
22 - Disruptor
23 - Virtual Drummer
24 - That Smile
25 - Tunnel Vision (donny Remix)
26 - Edge Of Dreams
27 - Seeds Of Mutation
28 - A New Life
29 - Therapist
30 - 2012
31 - Running
32 - Psion Activity
33 - Cybernetics Vip
34 - This World
35 - H-theme
36 - Loner
37 - Thump
38 - Fear
39 - Motorscience
40 - Frozen Faces
41 - Metronomic
42 - Addict
43 - What's In It
44 - Strange Peace
45 - The Indivisible Force
46 - The Edge Of The Cliff
47 - The Good
48 - Pace
49 - Mosaic
50 - Machines
51 - Footwork