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The Musical Journey of Ella Mai: From R&B Newcomer to Grammy Winner

Ella Mai, born Ella Mai Howell, is a British singer-songwriter whose rise to fame can be attributed to her effortless blend of R&B, hip hop, and soulful melodies. Her music has taken the world by storm, topping charts and winning awards. She is known for her sultry vocals and candid lyrics that resonate with listeners of all ages. In this blog post, we’ll take a deeper dive into the musical biography of Ella Mai, from her humble beginnings to her most famous albums and songs.

Ella Mai started her journey in the music industry in 2014, after graduating from the British and Irish Modern Music Institute in London. Despite entering the industry through a talent show on a reality tv show, Mai proved her place in the urban music industry. She later released her first two EPs, Ready in 2017 and Change in 2018 which featured the hit song Boo'd Up.

Her self-titled debut studio album, Ella Mai, was released in 2018 and debuted at number five on the US Billboard 200 chart. The album was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and features her hit song Trip. The song peaked at number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and earned Mai her first Grammy win for Best R&B Song.

In 2019, Mai released her highly anticipated second album Time which features collaborations with artists like H.E.R., Chris Brown, and John Legend. The album showcased Mai's growth as an artist through her lyrics and vocal range. The album continued her success with songs like Shot Clock and Naked. Time became a masterpiece that showed the evolution of Mai's sound.

Ella Mai's music is heavily influenced by artists such as Lauryn Hill, Jazmine Sullivan, Brandy, Destiny's Child, and modern R&B artists like SZA and Kehlani. She has also acknowledged her admiration for nineties R&B with her retro-influenced lyrics and sounds. Her music tells of a personal coming of age story that often depicts personal experiences or those of her loved ones. Her honesty, vulnerability, and soulful melodies resonate with fans of all ages.

Ella Mai has undoubtedly made a name for herself in the music industry with her distinctive sound and honest lyrics. Her musical biography is an inspiring and relatable story that music lovers can learn from. Her many accomplishments over the years, including her multiple Grammy wins, have solidified her place in the industry as a formidable artist. Ella Mai’s music continues to captivate audiences worldwide thanks to her expressive voice and relatable lyrics that strike a chord with everyone who hears her music.
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1 - Naked
2 - Anymore
3 - Trip
4 - 10,000 Hours
5 - Boo'd Up
6 - She Don't Ft. Tydolla$ign
7 - Shot Clock
8 - Whatchamacallit
9 - Gut Feeling
10 - Old Dog, New Bitch
11 - Switch Sider
12 - One Day
13 - Nobody Else
14 - Makes Me Wonder
15 - Love Me Like That (champion Love)
16 - Easy
17 - Don't Want You
18 - A Thousand Times
19 - Own It
20 - Run My Mouth
21 - Cheap Shot
22 - Dangerous
23 - Close
24 - Boo'd Up (with Nicki Minaj & Quavo) - Remix
25 - My Way
26 - Breakfast In Bed
27 - Good Bad
28 - Sauce
29 - Everything (feat. John Legend)
30 - Gut Feeling (feat. H.e.r.)
31 - Whatchamacallit (feat. Chris Brown)
32 - Not Another Love Song
33 - This Is
2018: Trip
2018: Ella Mai