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Erykah Badu

Erykah Abi Wright (born Erica Abi Wright, February 26, 1971), better known by her stage name Erykah Badu (-??r?k? b???du?-), is an American singer-songwriter, record producer, activist, and actress. Erykah Badu is an iconic music artist and her history is rich with creativity, soul and skill. Diving into her extensive discography is like exploring a vivid dreamscape, with each new album opening up more realms of lyrical tales spanning beyond the singing. To truly experience the sensation of Erykah Badu's songs, you must listen to her best records. From chart breaker classic anthems like “On & On”, or deeply melancholic gems such as “Otherside Of The Game”, there's something for every listener no matter their musical taste! Put on your headphones and discover why Erykah Badu rightfully takes her place as one of the most influential icons in music now!


Latest news about Erykah Badu

Get ready to get soulful! Grammy-winning singer Erykah Badu and rap legend Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def) are hitting the road for The Unfollow Me Tour. Kicking off in San Antonio, Texas this June and culminating back at home in Dallas on July 23rd, they'll be rocking stages all over North America with their unique sounds. Fans have been eagerly awaiting a new collection of music from Ms. Badu since her 2015 release of But You Caint Use My Phone - so don't miss your chance to see them both live while you wait out an epic performance filled with amazing vibes!

Exploring the Good and Not So Good About Erykah Badu's Artistry

Erykah Badu is an influential and extraordinary musician who has been in the music business for several decades. The American singer-songwriter is best known for her soulful style, setting her apart from other artists of the genre. Her powerful voice penetrates through any room and draws one into a trance that can last until she stops singing. Despite being rightly praised for many things, evenBadu has some flaws that work against her to a certain extent - though they are what make us love and respect her more all at once. In this blog post we will explore both sides of Erykah Badu's artistry by looking at something critical yet true about the artist as well as something good and praiseworthy; helping fans to gain an even better understanding on this legendary star!

Erykah Badu is an icon in the music industry with a career spanning well over two decades. The American singer-songwriter has won multiple awards, and her soulful style has set her apart from other artists of the genre. Badu's music moves us, entrancing us with her haunting voice that lingers long after the song ends. Despite being praised for her talent, Badu, like everyone, has her flaws. In this blog post, we will explore both the good and not so good of Erykah Badu's artistry, helping fans gain an even better understanding of this legendary star.

Erykah Badu's music is a reflection of her life experiences, her beliefs, and the world around her. Her lyrics often address social, political, and personal issues, making her music relevant and relatable to many. However, her outspokenness has sometimes landed her in hot water. In 2016, Badu was criticized for her comments about schoolgirls wearing short skirts which were seen by many as 'victim-blaming'. This is a reminder that even icons can make mistakes. Nevertheless, many admire her 'warts and all' approach to life, and her willingness to stand up for what she believes in, even when it may be unpopular.

One of the things that sets Badu apart is her commitment to keeping her music authentic. She has consistently maintained her soulful style, blending elements of R&B, jazz, funk, and hip hop to create a sound that is uniquely hers. Her live performances are equally captivating, featuring a mix of improvisation and experimentation that showcase her musical prowess. Listening to her albums is simply not enough, as experiencing her perform live is like no other. This is a testament to her dedication to her art and her commitment to creating music without compromise.

Badu's artistry extends beyond music. For instance, she is recognized for her exceptional fashion sense which is highly reflective of her innermost personality. Her style is often simple yet striking, and she uses it as an expression of her emotions and values. Badu's fashion sense has been featured in several magazines and has influenced fashion trends, particularly in the African American community. Her artistic approach to fashion is a reminder that creative art is ever-present in the aspects and elements of the artist's life.

Despite her successes, Badu has remained grounded throughout her career. She is known for being involved with charitable causes and using her platform to raise awareness about important issues. Badu has supported several organizations, including the African American Policy Forum, and she frequently donates her time and money to assist disadvantaged communities. Her philanthropic endeavors are just another example of her artistry and the beauty that she brings to the world around her.

Erykah Badu is a multifaceted artist whose music, fashion, and activism have made her an icon in the industry. She is admired for her soulful style and her ability to connect with her audience through relatable lyrics and emotive melodies. However, she is not without her flaws, and has been criticized for her occasional controversial statements. Nevertheless, her commitment to authentic music and her dedication to social causes continue to inspire many. To truly understand Erykah Badu's artistry, we must take the good with the not so good, as they have all played a part in shaping the artist we know and love today. We can only hope and eagerly anticipate for more from her in the years to come.
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6 - Love of My Life
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8 - Next Lifetime
9 - Honey
10 - The Healer
11 - Bag Lady
12 - Certainly
13 - Gone Baby, Don't Be Long
14 - 4 Leaf Clover
15 - No Love
16 - Drama
17 - Me
18 - Booty
19 - Cleva
20 - Tyrone
21 - On & On
22 - You Got Me
23 - Rimshot (intro)
24 - In Love With You
25 - Orange Moon
26 - My Life
27 - Penitentiary Philosophy
28 - Amerykahn Promise
29 - Certainly (flipped It)
30 - Green Eyes
31 - My People
32 - The Cell
33 - 20 Feet Tall
34 - A.d. 2000
35 - Fall In Love (your Funeral)
36 - Agitation
37 - Time's A Wastin
38 - Umm Hmm
39 - Kiss Me On My Neck (hesi)
40 - Telephone
41 - Woo
42 - That Hump
43 - Twinkle
44 - I Want You
45 - Rimshot (outro)
46 - Sometimes (mix #9)
47 - Sometimes...
48 - Love
49 - You Loving Me (session)
50 - Hello
51 - Danger