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Foreign Beggars

Foreign Beggars are a English hip hop and dubstep group. Since their formation in 2002, the group's unique trajectory has seen them evolve from an underground hip hop group to an electronic crossover act.


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Discovering Foreign Beggars: A Musical Biography of the British Hip-Hop Group

Foreign Beggars, one of the key figures in the British Hip-Hop music scene, have been creating music for over 15 years. The group is known for their eclectic and diverse sound that blends elements from hip-hop, grime, electronic, and dubstep. Despite the challenging road, the group's career journey helped establish a new era in UK hip hop. In today's blog, we take a closer look at the musical biography of Foreign Beggars, from their early beginnings to their most famous songs and albums.

Foreign Beggars came together in 2002 as a trio consisting of MCs Orifice Vulgatron, Metropolis, and DJ NoNames. As they continued to perform and gain recognition around London, they added the talented producer Dag Nabbit to their group in 2008. Their debut album `Asylum Speakers` was released in 2003, which was a magnificent entry to the British hip-hop scene. The album combined catchy hooks, strong lyrics, and flawless timing that caught the attention of many music enthusiasts.

With their second album Stray Point Agenda in 2006, Foreign Beggars gained popularity beyond the borders of their home country. They collaborated with various international artists and expanded their sound by incorporating electronic and dubstep elements. The album was complemented for pushing the boundaries of traditional hip-hop in Europe and beyond.

Their third album, United Colours of Beggatron took the group to a different musical level. The album stunned audiences with its creative combinations of hip-hop, dubstep, glitch, and grime sounds, along with some outstanding collaborations. It was yet another milestone for Foreign Beggars, and it reinforced their standing in the European hip-hop scene.

Foreign Beggars are known for collaborating with numerous international artists that include the likes of NOISIA, Skrillex, and Alix Perez. Their most famous songs include Bosh, Contact, Apex, 2nd Hand Contraband, and Goon Bags. Their music is characterized by thought-provoking lyrics, punchlines, and the use of eclectic beats, making their sound stand out from the rest.

Foreign Beggars' musical style is an engaging mix of hip-hop, grime, electronic, and dubstep. It is often described as progressive and innovative within the British and European Hip-Hop scene. The group's influences are diverse, spanning from legendary hip-hop artists such as Wu-Tang clan to bass-heavy electronic producers like Skrillex and other acts like Radiohead.

Foreign Beggars' musical journey has been an inspiring ride for all hip hop and electronic music enthusiasts. Their sound has reached beyond the confines of traditional music styles, and their collaborations with artists and producers have brought them to a higher level of recognition. Over the years, Foreign Beggars have been instrumental in revitalizing the UK Hip-Hop scene and elevating the European Hip-Hop scene. They have been a game-changer in the genre, and their music will continue to inspire new generations of fans.
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1 - Hold On
2 - Beatflow Freakshow
3 - Get A Bit More
4 - Seven Figure Swagger (bar9 Remix)
5 - Cryin' Shame
6 - Hereford Hospital
7 - Reelfire
8 - Cold Breeze
9 - Slo-speed
10 - Backdraft
11 - Revolution
12 - Palm Of My Hand
13 - Dark Parts
14 - Get A Bit More (skism Remix)
15 - Safedrian
16 - No Holds Barred (excision Remix)
17 - Snatchin' Da Mic
18 - Anywhere
19 - Apex
2019: Matriarchy
2018: 2 2 Karma
2017: 48


2024-04-12 h: 19:00
Concert Hall, EartH
London, UK
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