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Funeral for a Friend

Funeral for a Friend are a Welsh post-hardcore band from Bridgend, formed in 2001 and currently consists of Matthew Davies-Kreye (lead vocals), Kris Coombs-Roberts (guitar, backing vocals), Gavin Burrough (guitar, backing vocals), Darran Smith (guitar), Richard Boucher (bass), and Ryan Richards (drums, vocals).
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You Can't See The Forest For The Wolves


Best songs of Funeral for a Friend - the 10 best songs of the artist

1. - Escape Artists Never Die
2. - Streetcar
3. - Roses For The Dead
4. - History
5. - Red Is The New Black
6. - All the Rage
7. - Bullet Theory
8. - She Drove Me To Daytime Television
9. - Rookie of the Year
10. - Into Oblivion (Reunion)
2013: ''Conduit''
2011: ''Welcome Home Armageddon''
2008: ''Memory and Humanity''
2007: ''Tales Don't Tell Themselves''
2005: ''Hours'' listen full album
''Casually Dressed'' listen full album