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The Promise Ring

The Promise Ring was an American emo band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They gained an underground cult following and are widely regarded as one of the pioneers of second wave emo.
The Promise Ring: A Pop-Punk Legacy
The Promise Ring has been one of the most influential bands in the pop-punk genre. Since their formation in the early 90s, this band has created a legacy with its meaningful lyrics, solid melodies, and immaculate musicianship. Their music which reflects everything from youthful angst to raw emotions, has inspired countless musicians and amassed a loyal following among music listeners. In this blog post, we delve into The Promise Ring's musical biography, genres, best songs, famous concerts, and critics.
Musical Biography:
The Promise Ring formed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1995. The band lineup includes Davey von Bohlen (vocals/guitar), Jason Gnewikow (guitar/backing vocals), Scott Beschta (bass), and Dan Didier (drums). Their debut album 30 Degrees Everywhere released in 1996 introduced the band's sound, which had a strong melodic punk-rock vibe coupled with angsty lyrics. Over the years, the band released four more studio albums and several EPs that further solidified their place in the pop-punk hall of fame. The Promise Ring disbanded in 2002, leaving behind a legacy of influential music.
Music Genre:
The Promise Ring's music is often classified as 'pop-punk,' although it has elements of emo, indie rock, and power-pop. The band's sound is characterized by catchy guitar riffs, relatable lyrics about coming-of-age, romantic relationships, and self-discovery. Their music has been a significant influence on several bands in the modern-day pop-punk genre.
Best Songs:
The Promise Ring has an extensive discography of influential music. Some of their best songs include Red & Blue Jeans, Why Did We Ever Meet?, Happiness is All the Rage, and Somebody's Done for. Each of these tracks speaks to the band's musical and lyrical style while showcasing their technical musicianship and heartfelt delivery.
Famous Concerts:
The Promise Ring was known for their energetic and enthusiastic live performances. Their music and lyrics emit raw emotions that translate through their live shows. Their most famous concerts were at the millennial turn-of-the-century when they performed with other popular bands such as Jimmy Eat World and Motion City Soundtrack. They performed at the Wakestock Festival and the Reading Festival, among others.
The Promise Ring has been critically acclaimed since their debut in 1996. Many have praised their technical musicianship and songwriting abilities. Critics have cited their influence on the pop punk genre, noting the band influenced the likes of Jimmy Eat World and Saves the Day. Their music and sound have been instrumental in creating a sub-genre of pop punk that resonated with audiences worldwide.
As we conclude, The Promise Ring is one of the most iconic bands in the pop-punk genre. Their impressive array of music, including their relatable lyrics, technical musicianship, and energetic performances, have left a lasting impression on the music world. Although the band disbanded in 2002, their music continues to inspire artists and resonate with music listeners worldwide. The Promise Ring has created a legacy of influential music, and their name will always be synonymous with the pop-punk genre.


1 - Boys & Girls
2 - E. Texas Ave.
3 - Is This Thing On?
4 - Perfect Lines
5 - Nothing Feels Good
6 - Pink Chimneys
7 - B Is For Bethlehem
8 - Why Did Ever We Meet
9 - A Picture Postcard
10 - Make Me A Chevy
11 - How Nothing Feels
12 - Forget Me
13 - Stop Playing Guitar
14 - A Broken Tenor
15 - Happiness Is All The Rage
16 - Size of Your Life
17 - Jersey Shore
18 - Red & Blue Jeans
19 - Raspberry Rush
20 - Emergency! Emergency!
21 - The Deep South
22 - Become One Anything One Time
23 - Everywhere In Denver
24 - Suffer Never
25 - Happy Hour
26 - Heart Of A Broken Story
27 - Red Paint
28 - Things Just Getting Good
29 - Get On The Floor
30 - Wake Up April
31 - Living Around
32 - Scenes From France
33 - Arms And Danger
34 - Skips A Beat (over You)
35 - Anne You Will Sing
36 - All Of My Everythings
37 - Say Goodbye Good
38 - Between Pacific Coasts
39 - My Life Is At Home
40 - My Firetower Flame
41 - Half Year Sun
42 - Somebody's Done For
43 - Letters To The Far Reaches
44 - Gouge Away
45 - The Sea Of Cortez
46 - Bread And Coffee
47 - Run Down The Waterfall
48 - Best Looking Boys
2002: Wood/Water