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Mineral is an emo band originally from Houston, Texas. Soon following their formation they relocated to Austin.
Revisiting the Emo Legends: The Musical Biography of Mineral
The early 90s saw the rise of a new sub-genre in the world of rock music – Emo. Among the pioneers of this style was the band Mineral, hailing from Austin, Texas. Mineral introduced a new sound, different from the other Emo acts of their time. Although they parted ways in 1997 after releasing only two albums, their music continues to influence a generation of musicians. This article will explore the history, career, and best tracks of the iconic band.
Mineral formed in 1994 with singer/guitarist Chris Simpson, bassist Jeremy Gomez, drummer Gabriel Wiley, and guitarist Scott McCarver. The band started playing at small gigs in Texas and quickly gathered a following. In 1995, they signed with Crank! Records, releasing their first EP, Gloria. Their debut full-length album, The Power of Failing, followed in 1997, which earned them critical acclaim. The band dissolved soon after the album was released, leaving behind a legacy that impacted the alternative music scene for years to come.
Mineral’s music is often described as twinkly or ethereal and distinctly different from the harsher sounds of their contemporaries. The band was influenced by a variety of genres, including post-punk, indie rock, and emo. Their music was more about mellow, introspective melodies with lyrics centering around personal struggles, heartbreaks, and relationship woes. It created a feeling of longing, melancholy, and nostalgia among listeners, making them connect with each song on a personal level.
Despite being together only for a brief period, Mineral’s music has stood the test of time. They left a rich legacy of songs that continue to be celebrated by their fans and music enthusiasts. Among their best-known tracks are Palisade, Gloria, Parking Lot, and Five, Eight, and Ten. These songs capture the essence of Mineral's unique sound, melancholic but hopeful lyrics, and layered instrumentation.
Mineral’s live concerts were a spiritual experience, deviating from the typical rock show. They played in-house shows, festivals, and tours throughout their career. In their two tours, the band played shows in various locations throughout North America, Europe, and Japan. Their shows were an excellent confluence of their emotive songs, dynamic sound, and Simpson’s powerful vocals. According to critics, the band’s concerts were a testament to the power of music to move and unite its audience.
Critics rave that Mineral's music blends the emotive elements of emo with intricate musical structures, capturing the intricate and quiet moments in life. Their music still resonates with audiences today, and it is essential to recognize the impact that they have had on the alternative music scene. Mineral influenced not only the subsequent works of emo bands but also other artists worldwide.
Mineral’s powerfully emotive music continues to spark feelings of nostalgia and connection within listeners. Their unique sound and thoughtful lyrics have influenced and inspired musicians throughout the years. Although Mineral lasted only for a short period, their music remains timeless. The band has left an indelible mark on the alternative music scene and continues to be a significant point of reference for the emo subgenre. Through their performances and recordings, Mineral has impacted the world of music with their sound and spirit.


1 - Parking Lot
2 - LoveMyWay
3 - M.D
4 - Gloria
5 - Slower
6 - Dolorosa
7 - 80-37
8 - If I Could
9 - Take The Picture Now
10 - Silver
11 - Unfinished
12 - Palisade
13 - July
14 - GJS
15 - Five, Eight and Ten
16 - Lovelettertypewriter
17 - &serenading
18 - Waking To Winter
19 - Five, Eight, And Ten
20 - Soundslikesunday
21 - Aletter
22 - Forlvadell
23 - Thelastwordisrejoice
24 - Your Body Is The World
25 - February
26 - Sounds Like Sunday
27 - For Ivadell
28 - Aurora
29 - Sadder Star
30 - & Serenading
31 - Rubber Legs
32 - Crazy