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Funky Destination

Grooving with Funky Destination - Discovering the Genius of a Musical Maverick
Music is a language that speaks to the soul, evokes powerful emotions, and transcends boundaries. In the world of contemporary music, Funky Destination is a name that needs no introduction. The brainchild of Croatian mastermind Vladimir Sivc, Funky Destination has helped redefine modern funk, soul, and jazz. With an enviable career spanning over a decade, the artist continues to push boundaries, experiment, and surprise his listeners. In this blog post, we delve into the genius of Funky Destination, exploring his musical biography, music genres, best songs, famous concerts, and a critical view of his work.
To truly appreciate Funky Destination's musical genius, one needs to understand his fascinating journey. Born in 1971 in Croatia, Vladimir Sivc was exposed to music early on. He picked up the guitar and started playing in local bands, but it wasn't until the late 90s, when he found his true passion - funk music. He started experimenting with different instruments and sounds, blending jazz, soul, and funk into an explosive mix. His first album, Journey to the Soul, released in 2011, was an instant hit, setting the tone for the years to come. Today, Funky Destination is a highly sought-after artist, renowned for his unique sound, exceptional production skills, and infectious energy.
When it comes to music genres, Funky Destination is a true chameleon. He fuses elements from various genres to create a sound that is timeless, fresh, and utterly compelling. His music draws inspiration from old-school R&B, soul, funk, jazz, electronic, and hip hop, to name a few. Some of his best songs include We Are All Energies, The Inside Man, Down To The Music, and Supersonic Saloon. These tracks are a testament to Funky Destination's ability to blend genres seamlessly and create music that is equal parts vintage, contemporary, and experimental.
Funky Destination's live performances are another aspect that sets him apart. The artist has performed at some of the world's most famous music festivals and concert halls, including the legendary London Jazz Cafe, East Village Radio, and the Bad Mambo Stage at Glastonbury. His electrifying stage presence, combined with his infectious music, turns every performance into an unforgettable experience. The passion and energy he exudes are palpable, and his fans are left wanting more.
When it comes to critical acclaim, Funky Destination has received accolades from some of the most respected names in the industry. UK's Blues and Soul Magazine described him as A purveyor of high-quality grooves that swim in the jazz-funk deep end, while DJ Root from Croatia said, Vladimir's production skills put him in the global top ranks of funky producers. Funky Destination's music has been featured on various platforms, including BBC Radio, XLR8R, and KCRW.
Funky Destination is an artist like no other. His music is an experience, a journey that takes you to new places and opens up new horizons. His talent is undeniable, and his passion is contagious. Whether you are a funk, jazz, soul, or electronic fan, you cannot go wrong with Funky Destination. So, put on your dancing shoes, turn up the volume, and get ready to groove. Funky Destination awaits you.


Next Concert
2024-03-01 h: 20:00
Klag Bühne
Rastatt, Germany
1 - One Bratha To Another
2 - Funky Music Overdose
3 - Soulbreak Joint
4 - Little Darling
5 - Such A Good Feeling
6 - The Inside Man
7 - Havana
8 - Hollywood Jollywood
9 - Psychedelic Spaghetti
10 - Feel This Song
11 - In My Soul
12 - Rising Of The Planet Groove
13 - The Inside Man (soopasoul Remix)


2024-03-01 h: 20:00
Klag Bühne
Rastatt, Germany
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