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Half Waif

Discovering the Multi-Talented World of Half Waif
Have you been searching for a fresh and innovative sound that can inspire you in every moment? Look no further than the mesmerizing world of Half Waif! This Californian artist’s songs bedazzle music enthusiasts with their multi-layered reflections of human emotions expressed through unique and thought-provoking lyrics. From a musical biography to her best tracks, this post will take you through the enthralling career of Half Waif.
Half Waif is the musical project of musician Nandi Rose. She has a vast experience in creating an unconventional blend of music, combining electronic and acoustic sounds with deeply personal and emotional lyrics. Half Waif’s style has brought several genres, such as indie-pop, dream-pop, and experimental electronic, to life in a unique fusion that is undeniably captivating.
One of Half Waif’s most successful songs is Lavender Burning, a track off of her 2020 album, The Caretaker. This song immerses you in a dreamy soundscape complete with haunting vocals that are simultaneously poignant and empowering. The lyrics explore the shift from feeling powerless to finding the strength to take control of your life, and it is without a doubt one of the most prolific and mesmerizing songs of Half Waif’s career.
Another of Half Waif’s greatest hits is Siren, from her album Lavender Language. This track showcases Half Waif’s dexterity as a musician, with an upbeat rhythm that features synth, flute, and guitar that interweave perfectly with Nandi Rose’s vocals. The lyrics tell an emotional but empowering and uplifting story of personal growth regarding learning how to understand and accept yourself, becoming your own guide through life.
Half Waif's captivating sound has landed her significant recognition, earning her a spot as an opening act for renowned musicians such as Julien Baker and Mitski. Her music delivers an immersive and introspective experience, packing quite a punch and leaving an impact on the audience worldwide with its fusion of different sounds, ranging from electronic music to indie-pop.
Critics worldwide have praised Half Waif for the intricate nuances in her music. The Guardian referred to her as, 'A gifted artist who doesn’t just neutrally represent her identity, but turns it into something both beautiful and challenging,' as well as 'a unique musical journey and a thoughtful reflection of identity and self-discovery.'
Half Waif’s music offers a fresh perspective on the musical scene. Her seamless blend of different genres and meaningful lyrics realized in a captivating experience that inspires listeners emotionally and intellectually. So, if you’re looking for something unique and beautiful, delve into the magical world of Half Waif, and treat yourself to a fresh wave of multi-layered music.


1 - Frost Burn
2 - Nest
3 - Ceremonial
4 - Severed Logic
5 - Wooden Horse
6 - Party's Over
7 - Know Your Body
8 - Stutter Stop
9 - Tactilian
10 - Orange Blossoms
11 - Probable Depths
12 - Night Heat
13 - Desperado
14 - Window Place
15 - Leveler
16 - Overthrown
17 - Solid 2 Void
18 - In The Evening
19 - Lilac House
20 - Halogen 2
21 - Back In Brooklyn
22 - Blinking Light
23 - Wave
24 - Silt
25 - In August
26 - Torches
27 - Turn Me Around
28 - Ordinary Talk
29 - Lavender Burning
30 - Keep It Out
2018: Lavender
2014: Kotekan