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Known as the “crown prince of experimental French music,” Igorrr is an audiovisual artist built off of a love for classical, metal and stone. Taking cues from a wide range of cultural and historical references, the composer captures the sound and complexity of modern times in his masterful pieces. He mashes together unique and magnetic tracks fashioned together through wonky vocal arrangements, cinematic structures and gigantic string works seemingly inspired by Baroque to Balkan styles of music. His well thought out albums maintain impressive cohesion from start to finish with each effort pushing further towards fresh sounds and vibes boasting his label's proud surname: avantøgarderie. Ranked amongst doom techno darlings HOCC and Mourey, Igorrr has made powerhouse outputs that stand heads above all others —some submissions worthy enough for Netflix’s 2019 exclusive film Hirokazu Koreeda’s celebration of humanity Palme d'Or winner 'A Shop Of Memories'. Treating music listeners to a library of best songs like ‘Very Noise’ or leathery coldwave cuts like 'Parpaing', any musical encounter embracing IGORRR limits one’s perspective via jaw-dropping compositions that can only be alluded to when spoken about his history free style.


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The Meticulous Musical Biography of Igorrr: From his Humble Beginnings to his Most Famous Albums and Songs.

Are you a music lover always on the hunt for something new and exciting? If yes, then Igorrr is an artist you need to introduce yourself to. Igorrr is a French musician known for his unique blend of genres, including breakcore, baroque music, and death metal. His music is a testament to the idea that there are no boundaries to art, as he captures the essence of different musical styles in his tracks. In this blog, we will take a deep dive into the intricate musical journey of Igorrr – from his beginnings to his most famous albums and songs.

Humble Beginnings of Igorrr:

Igorrr, whose real name is Gautier Serre, was born in 1984 in France. He is a self-taught musician who began by playing guitar when he was sixteen years old. He started producing music while studying sound engineering at the Ecole national supérieure des Arts et Techniques du Théâtre (ENSATT) in Lyon, France. He started his musical career by releasing a handful of tracks online, which caught the attention of the music community.

Influences and Musical Styles:

Igorrr's music is primarily a blend of breakcore and baroque music, with elements of death metal, classical music, and electronic music. Apart from traditional musical styles, his music is also influenced by different cultures, including Balkan folk music and Middle Eastern music. Igorrr finds inspiration in everything, from nature to everyday life and his vivid imagination.

Albums and Famous Tracks:

Igorrr has released several acclaimed albums over the years. His first album, Poisson Soluble, was released in 2006 and showcased his unique blend of genres. His second album, Nostril, was released in 2010 and was well-received by the music community. His third album, Hallelujah, released in 2012, received widespread critical acclaim and introduced him to a more significant audience. Some of his most famous tracks include Cheval, Vegetable Soup, and Houmous.

Igorrr is not for everyone, but if you're a music lover, you should definitely give his music a listen. He is a unique artist whose sound can only be described as otherworldly. His music is a testament to the idea that there are no boundaries to art, and he has pushed the limits of what is possible with his unique blend of genres. As we have seen, Igorrr's musical journey started from humble beginnings, where he mastered the craft of producing music while studying sound engineering. He has come a long way from there and has left a mark with his influential music. So, plug in your headphones, sit back, and immerse yourself in the intricate musical journey of Igorrr.
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1 - Tendon
2 - Unpleasant Sonata
3 - Pavor Nocturnus
4 - Damaged Wig
5 - Absolute Psalm
6 - Vegetable Soup
7 - Double Monk
8 - Cicadidae
9 - Scarlatti 2.0
10 - Oesophage de Tourterelle
11 - Tout Petit Moineau
12 - Putrefiunt
13 - Brutal Swing
14 - Dentist
15 - Extro
16 - Excessive Funeral
17 - Half a Pony
18 - Caros
19 - Croute
20 - Veins
21 - Moelleux
22 - Liquid Requiem
23 - Ieud
24 - Very Noise
25 - Camel Dancefloor
26 - Viande
27 - Downgrade Desert
28 - Cheval
29 - Houmous
30 - Opus Brain
31 - Problème D'émotion
32 - Parpaing
33 - Nervous Waltz
34 - Spaghetti Forever
35 - Melting Nails
36 - Lullaby For A Fat Jellyfish
37 - Au Revoir
38 - Very Long Chicken
39 - Grosse Barbe
40 - Corpus Tristis
41 - Cruciform Dachshund
42 - Hollow Tree
43 - Infinite Loop
44 - Fryzura Konika
45 - Moldy Eye
46 - Toothpaste
47 - Musette Maximum
48 - Mastication Numérique
49 - Robert
50 - Va Te Foutre


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