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Jaguar is an artist cementing their name in musical history. They have crafted some of the best songs and albums that audiences can't get enough of. Their signature combination of beats, notes, and tones have left a lasting mark on music fans. Listening to one piece instantly transports people to places they never dreamed they could go. Every song carries with it the hope and promise of an exciting journey unmatched by any other traditional forms of art or media out there. All those sounds, layered and carefully placed together across several songs and albums are unmistakably Jaguar's; top cuts like Roses Under Bracing Green, Carried On Translucent Wind, or Forget It All As One sit as testaments to an unstoppable discography worth celebrating time and time again.
Jaguar: a Musical Biography of the African Queen of Dancehall
Jaguar, also known as Kenyan Princess of Dancehall, has earned herself a significant spot in the African dancehall scene. Her music showcases her fierce and confident personality while criticizing societal issues that affect Africans, especially women. Her electrifying sound is infused with African elements, and her skillful writing earned her a place in the hearts of music lovers across the world. If you’re intrigued by her music and want to know more about what makes Jaguar unique, keep reading.
Jaguar, born in 1989, grew up in a Nairobi ghetto in Kenya. She discovered her musical talent in high school and slowly decided to pursue music as a career. In 2011, she released her first single Kigeugeu which catapulted her to massive success in Kenya. The song became a hit in East Africa, and soon Jaguar became a household name. With the success of that single and others that followed, Jaguar became one of the biggest voices coming out of the African continent. Her music style can be described by blending various genres such as reggae, dancehall infused with African rhythms.
Jaguar has since released other hit songs such as Nimetoka Mbali and Nakupenda - songs that relate to her life struggles, societal issues, and African heritage. She has received numerous awards and accolades, including Kenya’s Female Artist of the Year for three consecutive years.
Jaguar's signature voice has earned her invitations to perform in concerts across the globe. In 2018, she performed alongside other popular artists such as Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, and Yemi Alade at the One Africa Music Fest in New York. Her mainstream success has shown that African music can sit with other global genres.
Jaguar's music is more than just entertainment. It represents a positive force of empowerment for women and advocates for women to remain ambitious and unwavering in their pursuits despite the hurdles society presents. The messages in her music resonate with what many women go through, and her music gives a voice to the oppressed. Her music encourages women to be confident while emphasizing that they have the strength and resilience to rise above any obstacle.
Jaguar is one of the African female artists who have successfully navigated the global stage and equally remained true to her roots. Her music has impacted many women across the continent while garnering global recognition. Her limelight story is one of hard work, dedication, and resilience, showcasing the power inherent in African music. Jaguar's work remains relevant, and she continues to inspire the younger generation of African female artists.
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2024-08-02 h: 23:55
Eden Ibiza
Sant Antoni de Portmany, Spain
1 - War Machine
2 - Te Lo Pido Por Favor
3 - Stay
4 - Love Need And Want You
5 - Country Song
6 - Highways of Gold
7 - Self Love
8 - Lineage
9 - Como T
10 - Fin
11 - Bats Over The Pacific Ocean
12 - Axe Crazy
13 - Dutch Connection
14 - Back Street Woman
15 - Out Of Luck
16 - Master Game
17 - The Fox
18 - No Lies
19 - Run For Your Life
20 - Prisoner
21 - Ain't No Fantasy
22 - Coldheart
23 - Rawdeal
24 - Dirty Tricks
25 - That's Your Problem Baby
26 - Stormchild
27 - Run Ragged
28 - Another Lost Weekend
29 - Sleepwalker
30 - Chasing The Dragon
31 - As The Crow Flies
32 - No Change Given
33 - But Tomorrow
34 - This Is Your Life
1996: Jaguar


2024-08-02 h: 23:55
Eden Ibiza
Sant Antoni de Portmany, Spain
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