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Jah warrior

Jah Warrior Artist stands out as one of the greatest in musical history, crafting some of the best songs and albums of all time. Manifesting his love for reggae vibes and culture, his revolutionary beats have taken over many stages. His lyrics resonate with an underlying message of empowerment, hope, strength and resilience against adverse odds in professional hardships as well as personal adversity. In his catalog, you'll find gems that inspire unity and peace among people along with captivating melodies that light up the spirits of his fans worldwide. Without a doubt Jah Warrior Artist’s incomparable shot of feel good vibes makes for great entertainment for any artistically inclined individual who values a diverse music library!
Jah Warrior: The Genius in Reggae Music
You can’t speak of reggae music without mentioning Jah Warrior. His unique and diverse sound has taken the music industry by storm, winning the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. Jah Warrior, born by the name Steve Mosco, is a London-based reggae artist who has managed to capture the essence and soul of authentic reggae music. In this article, we will delve into his musical biography, music genre, best songs, famous concerts, and a critic.
Jah Warrior’s musical biography is a source of inspiration for many fans worldwide. His love for music started at a tender age, and he has made it his life’s work. Jah Warrior began his career as a sound system operator under the mentorship of the legendary Jah Shaka. However, his desire to make reggae music rather than just play it pushed him to create his record label, Jah Warrior Records, which he founded in 1995. Since then, he has produced dozens of records for himself and other artists under the label.
Jah Warrior's music genre is a blend of roots reggae, steppers, dub, dancehall, and soulful melodies that float over infectious basslines. His music has managed to touch on almost every genre, making him versatile and popular among diverse listeners. Some of Jah Warrior’s best songs include Armed Robbery, Africa, and Dub From the Heart. Each track reveals his passion for music and strikes the right balance between conscious lyrics and pleasing melodies.
Jah Warrior’s performances are electrifying, and his concerts are legendary. He has rocked both small and big stages worldwide, firmly establishing him as one of the most exciting live performers in the industry. One of his most famous concerts was at the Brixton Academy in London, where he played in front of thousands of fans amid a stunning stage production. The concert was praised by critics who commended his raw energy, crowd engagement, and stellar performance.
A Critic of Jah Warrior's music would state that Jah Warrior has managed to stay true to the authentic roots of reggae music, incorporating new sounds and styles to create masterpieces. He is an exceptional artist, whose music has a universal appeal and has won the hearts of fans worldwide. His art knows no boundaries, and his music is healing to the soul. Jah Warrior’s approach to music is remarkable, and his work is an inspiration to many young artists.
Jah Warrior is a reggae icon, whose artistry and love for music have won him a massive following worldwide. His music transcends boundaries, connecting people from all walks of life, and his performance on stage is an experience that leaves fans mesmerized. Jah Warrior has managed to infuse his music with conscious lyrics, infectious rhythms, and unique sounds, making him one of the most versatile and interesting artists in the reggae genre. Here’s to Jah Warrior, a true genius of reggae music, and a legend in his own right.


1 - Babylon shall fall
2 - Herbsman Anthem
3 - Spiritual Dub
4 - Special dub
5 - Don't Cry Dubwise
6 - Warrior Steppers
7 - Living Dub
8 - Dub From The Heart
9 - I Put My Trust In Dub
10 - Blessed Dub
11 - Falasha Dub
2000: Glory
1999: Dub Storm