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Kocaine Veins

Kocaine Veins also known as Jahfari Parris was born in Brooklyn Ny to Guyanese immigrants in 1987. His parents Dawn Parris and Orin harlow now deceased, his dad to a murder and his mom due to breast cancer raised him with a love for art and music at a young age. He grew up in eastern parkway, flat bush area until his mom moved to Miami F.L in 1997 . At 10 years ,Kocaine Veins passion for art and basketball grew and his mom an artist herself became deeply involved in her child's activities to keep him off the streets of west grove . She was overprotected and he graduated coral gables in 2005 because of that. He would attend Miami Dade College until he dropped out and started hustling the streets of south beach doing paintings and portraits for 6yrs. In 2015 he would meet a friend and producer from new jersey that would notice musical talent in him and they started to collab on music together. Kocaine Veins also had a passion for music but didn't always think that he would be a rapper.
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