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Nina Simone

Nina Simone -?ni?n? s??mo?n- (born Eunice Kathleen Waymon, February 21, 1933 – April 21, 2003) was an American singer, songwriter, pianist, arranger, and civil rights activist widely associated with jazz music. Nina Simone is a brilliant and much-celebrated African American vocalist and pianist. She rose to fame in the 20th century as one of the most powerful members of America's civil rights movement, advocating for black sociopolitical activism while utilizing various elements of classical, blues, folk and soul music. Her huge success in studio albums and on tour has made her an iconic musician, influencing and paving the way for subsequent generations of soul singers and songwriters. Among some of her best known pieces are I Put A Spell On You, Sinnerman and To Be Young, Gifted And Black. She lyrically grappled with difficult truths about the weighty history and issues facing her people, upending societal mores with boldness as she strung together masterful songs about justice, spirituality and love.
The Legendary Nina Simone: A Musical Genius
For music enthusiasts, the legendary Nina Simone needs no introduction. Her soulful voice, powerful lyrics, and unique blends of genres have captivated audiences for decades. Her contributions to the music industry have cemented her position in history as one of the most influential artists of all time. Today, we will take a closer look at the extraordinary life and career of Nina Simone.
To understand the life and career of Nina Simone, we need to turn back the clock to the 1930s, when she was born as Eunice Kathleen Waymon in Tryon, North Carolina. She grew up in a deeply segregated society, which deeply affected her childhood. However, her love for music and her prodigious talent helped her rise above her challenges. She began her music career in bars and clubs, captivating audiences with her virtuosity on the piano. Over time, she discovered her voice and began to sing, finding a unique blend of jazz, blues, soul, and classical music.
One of the most memorable moments of Nina's career was her performance at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1960. Her rendition of Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair was a defining moment in her career that showcased her powerful and soulful voice. From that moment on, her popularity skyrocketed, and she became an international sensation. Throughout the 1960s, Nina broke new ground, both musically and politically. Her songs like Mississippi Goddamn and To Be Young, Gifted and Black reflected her social and political activism and earned her a reputation as a fearless icon.
Nina Simone's music defied genres, melding together classical, jazz, blues, gospel, and soul to create a sound that was uniquely her own. Her music was characterized by her virtuosity on the piano, evocative vocals, and deeply personal lyrics that explored themes of love, loss, and the human experience. Some of her most famous songs include Feeling Good, My Baby Just Cares for Me, I Put a Spell on You, and Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood.
Nina Simone's legacy continues to inspire artists and music lovers to this day. Her music crosses generations and genres, and her influence can be heard in the works of countless contemporary artists. Despite her passing in 2003, her music remains alive and resonant with modern audiences.
Nina Simone was a musical genius whose legacy continues to inspire generations of music lovers. Her ability to blend genres, showcase her virtuosity on the piano, and explore themes of social and personal importance have cemented her position as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. Her music will continue to captivate audiences for generations to come.



The Two Sides of Nina Simone: A Critical Look at Her Legacy

If you are a fan of classic musical artists, you’ve likely heard the name Nina Simone. Known for her captivating voice and emotionally powerful soulful music pieces, this artist has made great strides in the impression she leaves on modern music culture. To take an honest look at such a revered legend, we must explore both sides – its flaws and strengths. Today we discuss exactly that - what critics say and what even they can’t deny to be true about Nancy “Nina” Waymon (better known as influential jazz musician Nina Simone).

Nina Simone is undoubtedly one of the most influential jazz musicians of all time. Her music has touched the hearts of millions of listeners worldwide, and her legacy continues to inspire new generations of artists. Her voice is unmatched, and her songs are emotional powerhouses that leave listeners feeling moved and inspired. However, like any other public figure, Nina Simone had her flaws as well. In this blog post, we'll be discussing both sides of her legacy - the criticism and the praise.

Nina Simone's voice was pure magic. Her soulful music pieces could stir up emotions in any listener. However, some music critics have criticized her for being too erratic during her live performances. According to them, her unpredictability could at times border on unprofessionalism. However, those who saw her live know that this unpredictability did not detract from her overall performance. In fact, it added an element of excitement and made her shows memorable.

Another criticism that Nina Simone faced was for her political activism. While many admired her for speaking out against racism and injustice, others felt that she was too vocal and that it took the focus away from her music. In truth, Nina Simone used her platform to bring attention to issues such as the Civil Rights Movement and apartheid in South Africa. Her powerful voice and influential status gave her a unique opportunity to inspire social change through music.

Aside from the criticism, it is impossible to ignore Nina Simone's impact on music culture. She was a pioneer in many ways, particularly for Black female artists. She broke barriers in a predominantly white industry and paved the way for many future musicians. Her unique voice, unmatched by any other, set her apart from her contemporaries, and her songs continue to resonate with people across the world.

Another strength of Nina Simone's legacy lies in her ability to tell a story. Her lyrics often spoke of the struggles she faced as a Black woman in America, and her songs were a reflection of her personal experiences. Her music was not only beautiful but also inspiring, and it gave a voice to those who had been silenced for too long.

In conclusion, Nina Simone was a complex figure who left an indelible mark on the music industry. Her legacy is not without its flaws, but her impact on culture cannot be ignored. Her influence has transcended time and continues to inspire artists today. While she may be gone, her music lives on, and her name remains synonymous with soul and passion. So if you're a fan of classic musical artists, take some time to listen to Nina Simone and experience the magic for yourself.
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1 - He Needs Me
2 - Feeling Good
3 - Sea Lion Woman
4 - Ain't Got No...i've Got Life
5 - What More Can I Say
6 - Gimme Some
7 - I Loves You Porgy
8 - My Baby Just Cares for Me
9 - Sinnerman
10 - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
11 - Here Comes the Sun
12 - I Put a Spell on You
13 - I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free
14 - To Love Somebody
15 - Mood Indigo
16 - Work Song
17 - Ne me quitte pas
18 - Strange Fruit
19 - The Other Woman
20 - Do What You Gotta Do
21 - Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair (Jaffa Remix)
22 - Lilac Wine
23 - Take Care Of Business
24 - Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair
25 - See-Line Woman (Masters At Work Remix)
26 - Take Care Of Business (Pilooski Edit)
27 - Lilac Wine (The Album Leaf Remix)
28 - Little Girl Blue (Postal Service Remix)
29 - Love Me Or Leave Me
30 - Baltimore
31 - Don't Smoke In Bed
32 - Four Women
33 - Mississippi Goddam
34 - The Look Of Love
35 - Since I Fell For You
36 - Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair
37 - Backlash Blues
38 - Do I Move You?
39 - My Baby Just Cares For Me - 2013 Remastered Version
40 - I Shall Be Released
41 - Blues For Mama
42 - Nobody's Fault But Mine
43 - Don't Explain
44 - To Be Young, Gifted And Black
45 - Sinnerman - Live In New York/1965
46 - Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
47 - I Loves You, Porgy
48 - Trouble In Mind
49 - Plain Gold Ring
50 - Sinnerman - Felix Da Housecat's Heavenly House Mix
51 - Mr. Bojangles
52 - My Man's Gone Now
53 - Gin House Blues
54 - Suzanne
55 - See Line Woman
56 - Why The King Of Love Is Dead
57 - 22nd Century
58 - Be My Husband
59 - Whatever I Am You Made Me
60 - The Glory Of Love